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Learn about Jan Olmstead: The 2015 Education Support Professional of the Year.

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Your retirement does not have to be the end of your connection to WEA. Watch this video to hear members share some of the benefits of WEA retired.

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Weighing In ...
Opting out then and now

A Tacoma speech/language pathologist and a professor at the University of Puget Sound opted their daughter out of standardized tests several years ago. They have written about it in "Education Week".  Read an interview with her on the impact “opting out” had on her, then, as a student and, now, as a young adult.

Non-Common Core Math for $400, please.

Take a look at this jab at Common Core from Headline Politics.

A little poem

Whether large or small, east or west, locals are joining in with the rest. From certs to support staff, many are walking –

U.S. House stands with labor in rejecting trade bill

The WEA applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for defeating the Fast Track bill for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

We cannot afford greater erosion to worker wages, Washington jobs or the environment. That is why WEA members and leaders voted at the 2015 Representative Assembly to oppose this Fast Track bill.


2015 WEA Summer U

Registration is now open for Summer U 2015. Pursuing professional development help? Seeking cutting-edge bargaining and organizing skills? Or, looking to develop your leadership skills and network with colleagues who share a passion for public education?


WEA applauds Supreme Court's latest McCleary order

WEA members applaud the Supreme Court's leadership and willingness to hold the Legislature accountable for failing to fully fund K-12 public schools as required by the Constitution -- and its own legislation.

Educators, the people who work directly with our students, know firsthand that the need to fully fund K-12 public schools is urgent and immediate. We can't afford to let the Legislature shortchange another generation of Washington students.

Instead of making more excuses and risking contempt of court charges, legislators should follow the Court's directive and fully fund Washington's K-12 public schools. Our students deserve nothing less.

-- WEA President Kim Mead


WEA decries court ruling that cuts stock profits from pension plans

After a seven-year legal fight led by WEA, the Supreme Court has upheld cuts in retirement benefits for more than more than 100,000 K-12 educators.


Prestigious award to WEA-Retired member Jean Savidge

Jean Savidge was awarded the 2014 NEA-Retired Distinguished Service Award at the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting. Congratulations, Jean!



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