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Ask most people and they'll tell you they support smaller class sizes. But on Tuesday, it won't matter unless they vote. Help bring home the win. Mail in your ballot today!

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Renton mom Katherine Jones knows our kids get one chance at a quality education. See the latest TV spot as Katherine tells voters it's time to end the excuses and give kids the attention they deserve. Video or More Details

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We learned today of the tragic shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the students, staff and families of the community as we struggle to understand what happened. 

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Meet Murray Campbell, building engineer in Yakima and proud WEA member. The WEA is not some distant group. It's us. All of us. Standing together to share quality professional development ... to negotiate tough but fair contracts ... and to ensure your voice is heard. Video or Learn More

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Weighing In ...
What's wrong with this picture?

If you have any doubt that there is something very wrong with the Teach For America system, read this article in "The Nation" to learn more about what is happening in school districts across the nation including those in our own back yard.

Our day in court

      Today is the day the Washington Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments about whether or not Washington’s charter school law violates the state constitution. Last December, a King County Superior Court judge ruled that some of the new law was unconstitutional. The ruling was based on tax dollars aimed at public schools which would be funneled to charter schools.

Get out the vote

Mid-term elections are upon us. Please remind people that it is their responsibility and their privilege to vote. A lot of people who intend to vote forget because it’s one more step to find a stamp or because “it’s not going to make a difference,” or their ballot is buried deep in a pile of unopened mail.

Compressed folder

Here are the files ... I tried e-mailing but Comcast told me it was too big.

As you probably know, just right click the folders to unzip after you've downloaded them. I'd already sized the images to 8x10 format for the wall display -- I'm not sure who is doing that part -- so these are not quite 1x1.5 ... more like 1.15 x 1.5. Let me know if that's a problem, or if you have trouble getting these files to work.




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