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This week in our WEA holiday series, hear from Linda Myrick and Janice Petrin on how gratifying it is to connect with students. Watch their stories

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With 946 new National Board teachers, Washington has once again topped the nation with the most new NBCTs. Details

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Kelly Riggle Hower is passionate about students, and connecting with colleagues through her union, WEA. Hear her heartwarming essay on teaching and the community she trusts to help students excel. Video or Mobile Version

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Weighing In ...
Field trips must continue

An “Atlantic Monthly” article published this month concludes that cutting field trips hurts student learning. In it, education reporter Emily Richmond says the study found students have a deeper, richer understanding of material when they experience it live rather than in a film or reading it in a book according to a new study published by University of Arkansas Professor Jay P. Greene.

Inventive tech ideas gain recognition

WEA members Wally Blessinger, Peggy Cameron, Marc Coyner and Joanne Szegedi are brand new recipients of NEA Foundation Grants that will be used to help students and members at their schools in learning ways to use technology for learning.

For your consideration . . .

See what NBCT fifth grade math and science teacher Spencer Olmsted says in his Stories from School Blog about his realization (one year later) that becoming a National Board Certified Teacher is much, much more than becoming a better teacher. He though the program would help him improve his practice (it did). He talks about a host of other “less tangible prizes” that comes with becoming certified.

Compressed folder

Here are the files ... I tried e-mailing but Comcast told me it was too big.

As you probably know, just right click the folders to unzip after you've downloaded them. I'd already sized the images to 8x10 format for the wall display -- I'm not sure who is doing that part -- so these are not quite 1x1.5 ... more like 1.15 x 1.5. Let me know if that's a problem, or if you have trouble getting these files to work.




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