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Meet Murray Campbell, building engineer in Yakima and proud WEA member. The WEA is not some distant group. It's us. All of us. Standing together to share quality professional development ... to negotiate tough but fair contracts ... and to ensure your voice is heard. Video or Learn More

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Smaller class sizes are especially important in subjects like math and science, explains teacher Desi Saylors, in the most recent ad by the Yes on 1351 campaign. Learn more at OurVoice or watch the new TV spot.

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An active unionist and National Board Certified Teacher is Washington's new Teacher of the Year. Seattle's Lyon Terry was honored at an awards ceremony Monday. "We teach kids to be great," Terry said. Details

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Andi Nofziger speaks out about why class size counts!

Weighing In ...
Vermont teachers have TA

Educators in South Burlington have reached a Tentative Agreement as of Saturday. Thanks to all who sent messages of support. See article directly below for more details.

Solidarity with Vermont

Some 250 teachers and other educators are on strike in South Burlington, VT. The sticking issues? Salaries and health care. This is the fourth day of the strike and our union sisters and brothers could use some inspiration. Please send notes, letters and encouraging words to

No better time than now

College of the Holy Cross assistant professor Jack Schneider says “education reformers” have gotten good at “scaring the hell out of people” about the state of public education. Schneider’s work points out that there has never been a better time to be a student in America’s public schools.

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As you probably know, just right click the folders to unzip after you've downloaded them. I'd already sized the images to 8x10 format for the wall display -- I'm not sure who is doing that part -- so these are not quite 1x1.5 ... more like 1.15 x 1.5. Let me know if that's a problem, or if you have trouble getting these files to work.




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