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Toppenish STEM program is opening new futures in this rural community

Toppenish STEM program is Carmen's Chance

Educators in Toppenish knew options were limited for students who graduated in a community where most jobs land you in agricultural fields or packing houses. So they've created a new future, based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



Steve Hoppes is described by parents as a hero for saving their special needs students

A hero who saves students' futures

Parents say Steve Hoppes is a hero, the kind of educator who has poured his passion into his career and given his special needs students a future they wouldn't otherwise have had.



Major gains for Washington's SIG schools

Major gains for Washington's lowest-performing schools

The 27 Washington public schools in a federal SIG (School Improvement Grant) program showed that money does make a difference, when used to lower class size and extend the learning day. Washington's 27 schools significantly outperformed the 1,700 SIG schools nationally.



WEA Representative Assembly members rally on the Capitol steps

WEA Rep. Assembly members rally in Olympia

About 1,000 members at this year's WEA RA traveled from Bellevue to the Capitol steps with a simple message: follow the McCleary Supreme Court ruling and fund smaller class sizes and better salaries now.



National Teacher Day honor highlights the classroom power of Pinterest

Pinterest page highlighted as part of teacher day honor

Courtney Bertsch-Martin, a teacher at Fredrickson Elementary School in Puyallup, won unexpected appreciation to celebrate the hard work of educators across Washington -- and her creative use of social media.



A look back at Organizing for Power in Clarkston

What does Organizing for Power look like on the front lines?

Relational organizing is taking root in locals large and small across Washington. Watch the journey of one rural local that used the Organizing for Power model to give their members a stronger voice and create a new generation of local leaders.



Kent ESP members rally for a fair contract

Kent ESP members rally for a fair contract

Administrators who sparked a protracted teachers strike several years ago are back at it now with their support employees, stalling and stopping contract negotiations and refusing to address their employees' concerns.



Debby Chandler, WEA's 2013 ESP of the Year

WEA's Education Support Professional of the Year

Meet Debby Chandler, WEA's 2013 ESP of the Year and a strong advocate for the rights of school support employees statewide, including their efforts to organize around strong contract bargains and a living wage.



Parents and students speak out about standardized testing and the MAP

Thoughts and stories about standardized tests

Parents and students speak out about the amount of instructional time devoted to standardized tests when the results at times do little to improve instruction or student accountability.



Testing transparency is at the heart of a parent right-to-know bill supported by WEA.

The Right to Know: HB 1293

WEA supports a legislative bill in Olympia that would create new transparency around standardized testing by giving parents the right to know how much money and class time is being used for tests that, at time, have limited education value.



Garfield students express solidiarity with teachers over the MAP test.

Solidarity over 'Scrap the MAP'

Garfield High School students add their voice to the "Scrap the MAP" controversy in Seattle schools, and voice solidarity for teachers who say the test is wasteful and pointless.



A rally in Seattle to Scrap the MAP test.

Scrap the MAP

In Seattle, parents, educators and public school supporters rally in support of Seattle educators who say the Measures of Academic Progress, a standardized test required by the district, is a waste of students' instructional time and doesn't help teachers focus their instruction.



Clarkston ESP members are locked in a tough battle with a vindictive employer.

Retaliation in Clarkston Union Battle

An old-style union battle has erupted in Southeast Washington, with school support employees fighting for wages and safety, and Clarkston school administrators resorting to fear and retaliation in a failed effort to silence the poverty-wage workers.



Yakima paraeducators win an 8% gain in their fight for a Living Wage.

Yakima Unites Behind Living Wage

After a 16-month struggle, Yakima paraeducators have a new contract with an 8 percent leap in base pay and a new sense of unity.



Jeff Charbonneau in class in Zillah

Meet Our 2013 Teacher of the Year

Jeff Charbonneau comes from a small town, but he sets big goals for his students, and himself. Meet Washington's 2013 Teacher of the Year in this video profile, and celebrate a lot of what's already right in public schools today. Watch Video



Two stories of facing parent involvement

Degrees of Parental Involvement

Some schools get a lot of parent involvement. Some don't. Public schools serve all the kids who come in the door, and WEA members have found innovative ways to ensure all students can thrive.

  • Video 1: Tacoma's Lincoln Center
  • Video 2: Spokane's SPRINT program


Student achievement and graduation rates at Kent-Meridian are soaring, in large part due to a choice to view the high school's student diversity not as a barrier but as a strength.

Celebrating Diversity & Achievement in Kent

Student achievement and graduation rates at Kent-Meridian are soaring, in large part due to a choice to view the high school's student diversity not as a barrier but as a strength.



At the NEA RA in Washington, D.C.

Vice President Biden Headlines NEA Rep. Assembly

Some 10,000 NEA members and union supporters gathered at the NEA Representative Assembly in Washington, D.C., to spell out our national Association's direction, and to unite against the attacks on the rights of working families.



There's more to life than your job ...

Get to Know Our 2012 ESP of the Year

Pat Nicholson's long history of association involvement and school innovation was a key factor in his selection as 2012 Education Support Professional of the Year. But he's the first to tell you there's more to life than your job.



At Lincoln Center, employees extend the school day to provide services other kids get at home.

Lincoln Center: Closing the Opportunity Gap

Lincoln Center is dealing head on with the achievement gap, which often is an opportunity gap. The Tacoma high school has extended the school day to offer opportunities that more-affluent students often enjoy.



2012 Teacher of the Year Mark Ray.

Librarian Mark Ray is 2012 Teacher of the Year

Meet 2012 Teacher of the Year Mark Ray, a teacher-librarian at Skyview High School in Vancouver, Wash.



Rise Up: A story of community engagement that looks beyond test scores.

Cleaning up on Achievement in Seattle

Rise Up: A story of community engagement to improve education quality at Seattle's Hawthorne Elementary.



A message from our United States Senator: "Thanks."

Appreciation from our U.S. Senator

Thanks. It's not said nearly enough. But U.S. Sen. Patty Murray says just that to Washington's educators.



Unions are standing together against the attack on workers' rights.

A Union Coalition Supports Workers' Rights in S.E. Washington

Unions have always been about uniting our voice as workers. So unions in Western Idaho and Southeast Washington are standing together against the attack on workers' rights in a new coalition called Unions Supporting All, or USA.



Braving the weather to fight off a state health-insurance takeover.

Don't Mess with Health Care!

Umbrellas and umbrage: WEA members in Southeast Washington unite against cuts in health care and a legislative attempt to curtail collective bargaining rights.



WEA members rally in Bellingham against a state health-care takeover.

Fighting for the Right to Bargain What Matters

At a blustery rally in March, WEA members from Whatcom and Skagit Counties shared their views with the community and legislators about attacks on contract bargaining rights and health insurance.



Rallying for independent health care and continued collective bargaining rights.

Health Changes Would Fail the Test

Standing strong for working families: WEA members in Southwest Washington rally to maintain our collective voice through continued contract bargaining rights and independent health insurance.



Petition parents: standing strong against legislative attacks on teachers.

Bellingham Parents Support Our Educators

We've got your back: Parents in Bellingham deliver thousands of petitions to Olympia urging lawmakers to stop cutting our schools, and stop attacking our educators.



Hands Off Our Health Care: Rallying in Pasco.

Pasco Members are Clear: Hands Off Health Care!

WEA members in Pasco joined educators across Washington with a simple message for Olympia: Hands Off Our Health Care. A plan to create a new government bureaucracy would cost more money and deliver fewer services. Could it get any better than that?



Another misguided attempt at charter schools.

More Rejected, Recycled Reforms from Olympia

Out-of-touch Olympia bureaucrats continue to push rejected "reform" ideas. They continue to pretend that innovation hasn't already swept through schools across Washington, and ignore a Supreme Court ruling that says we need fewer gimmicks and more funding.



Innovative schools abound in Washington, under current laws and existing union contracts.

Take a 20-minute Tour of Innovative Schools in Washington

Hundreds of innovative schools across Washington have changed what and how students learn. See a dozen existing schools from a military-style academy with 5 a.m. calisthenics, to an arts magnate, language immersion and an aviation academy focusing on math and science.



Day of Action in Clarkston's Hands Across the Bridge

Uniting for A Day of Action

Communities across Washington joined in a Day of Action in November 2011. Hear why WEA members in tiny Clarkston, Wash., are concerned about how Olympia can hurt public schools in their town.



Organizing for Power Cadre 2 in Meridian / Boise, Idaho.

WEA Members Learn Organizing Skills in Anti-union Idaho

Do you think school employees have it tough here? Check out the landscape in anti-union Idaho, where support employees from the Western U.S. joined in the fight against privatizing public education. It's the second stop in our Organizing for Power experience.



Organizing for Power Cadre 2 in Portland, Ore.

Building Strength Through Relational Organizing

Better pay. A stronger voice. Greater involvement. A better life. Simple values we share. And it's what's behind our Organizing for Power experience as WEA and NEA kicks off it's second year cadre, in Portland, Ore.



West Coast Organizing for Power local efforts.

ESP Members Get Organized Across the West

Support staff -- our Education Support Professionals -- across the Western U.S. are learning they do have a voice. See how they are taking that message back home, to local communities from Clarkston, Wash., to Fairbanks, Alaska.



Vancouver ESP members are locked in a tough contract battle with their employer.

Vancouver Support Staff Locked in a Contract Battle

Like in too many school districts, frontline support staff -- paraeducators, custodians, bus drivers, special-ed assistants -- are under-appreciated and under-paid. Here from Vancouver members' as they share their stories with the community.



Bellevue EA members talk about the importance of teacher evaluation.

Evaluation that Works

Educators want an evaluation system that works, is well-designed and is trusted to measure what it is intended. Hear classroom teachers discuss why corporate ideas to turn student evaluations into teacher punishment weapons will not work as intended.



Bellevue EA members talk about the value of collaboration during Wednesday planning meetings.

Bellevue Members Know Solutions Come From Inside the Classroom

How do bright ideas that seem to make sense to administrators far from the classroom impact real teachers as the work to improve student learning? Hear from Bellevue educators as they discuss proposed changes to after-school meetings on shortened Wednesdays.


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