Statement: Supreme Court decision

On Jan. 5, the Washington Supreme Court upholds the lower court decision in the NEWS (McCleary) court case -- and, agrees state is NOT fulfilling its paramount constitutional duty to amply fund public education.

For attribution to President of the Washington Education Association, Mary Lindquist

"While we are still reviewing all the details, there is no doubt today's decision by the State Supreme Court in the matter of McCleary v. State is a huge victory for Washington children and public education. With this decision, the Supreme Court has clearly agreed with the lower court's decision that, for many years, the state has failed to fulfill its paramount constitutional duty: Amply funding public education.

"Today, the Supreme Court reaffirmed what WEA and its partners in the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS) have argued for so long: Public education in Washington is woefully underfunded. And this means students and schools can no longer bear the impact of further cuts to public education funding.

"The decision by the Court, coming just days before the start of the 2012 legislative session, clearly puts the responsibility for correcting the underfunding where it belongs: The state legislature. The legislature can no longer punt on full funding for public education. The legislature needs to act immediately to remedy this injustice against our children and students."

PLEASE NOTE: WEA President Mary Lindquist is available for one-on-one interviews regarding the Supreme Court decision. Call 253-765-7040 to coordinate.