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4,000 people gathered in Olympia with WEA President Kim Mead, Gov. Jay Inslee, Sen. Cyrus Habib and Speaker Frank Chopp to demand full funding for education. Watch the video to see what the speakers had to say.

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Read the latest updates on strikes demanding that Olympia put kids first.

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Weighing In ...
A little poem

Whether large or small, east or west, locals are joining in with the rest. From certs to support staff, many are walking –

This is not an isolated incident

Is anyone keeping count of juniors in Seattle who have opted out of this year’s SBAC? At this point, it is way more than 1,000. The Seattle School District says they are only monitoring four schools and that complete numbers won’t be available until mid-June and the Seattle Times reported this week that 100 percent of Nathan Hale students opted out; Ballard and Ingraham juniors opted out at right around 95 percent; Ingraham students were at 80 percent while both Roosevelt and Franklin reporters numbers that were quite high.

It's hard to stop the tide

Check out the April 28 blog post in one of Seattle's most read education blogs. It talks about State School Superintendent Randy Dorn getting desperate. Students in Seattle are opting out of taking the SBAC in droves. One tactic is to blame WEA. The post says that is both insulting to educators and parents.

Vice-President Joe Biden Calls for an End to the Assault on Educators

Mukilteo elementary teacher Mark Mains

By Will Potter, NEA Staff

Vice President Joe Biden addressed thousands of educators at the National Education Association’s 150th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, and said that the “full-blown assault” they are experiencing would get much worse under the leadership of Governor Mitt Romney.

“My Dad used to say ‘Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget,’” Biden told delegates. Governor Mitt Romney and Republican Congressional leadership “have shown us their budget,” Biden said, and it is about protecting the personal interests of the super rich rather than building an education system that helps all students succeed.

Biden said that when Romney and other Republicans accuse educators of being selfish, it reflects a fundamental lack of understanding of the teaching profession.

He pointed to York, Pennsylvania, where educators could have received a pay increase under their contract. Instead, they voted to use their money to pay for kindergarten programs.

His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is a longtime educator and teaches English at a community college. She also addressed the delegates today, receiving roaring applause when she said, “I know that you all understand. Being a teacher is not what I do, it’s who I am.”

Vice-President Biden said he had heard again and again stories from educators about paying for school supplies out of pocket, or leaving the dinner table for a home visit at night.

“You chose to be teachers because you want to make this country better,” Biden said. “You chose to be teachers because you know every child, every child, to do as well as they can. That’s why you did it. But I’m afraid the governor and his allies don’t get it.”


Jill Biden at the NEA Rep. Assembly



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