New WEA officers elected into office

Delegates to the WEA Representative Assembly elected a new president and vice president on Friday, April 26.

Everett teacher Kim Mead was elected president of the 82,000-member WEA, which represents K-12 teachers, education support professionals and higher education faculty members. Bellevue teacher Stephen Miller was elected vice president.

Mead and Miller will take office in July and will serve two-year terms. Current WEA President Mary Lindquist and Vice President Mike Ragan are wrapping up their third two-year terms, the most allowed under WEA rules.

Mead said, "I am humbled to be the next elected leader of the Washington Education Association. Our strength is our ability to come together with diverse views, and through our democratic process, stand up for the best interests of public education and our members.

"The work in front of us is great, but the rewards for our members and our students are worth the hard work. I am excited for the future of public education, driven by those who are the experts, the educators who are the WEA."

Miller said, "The members of our union know firsthand from their daily work what is necessary to provide an excellent public education for all students in Washington. Yet the Supreme Court of Washington has concluded the state Legislature has failed in its paramount duty to amply fund our schools. 

"I encourage the citizens of Washington to join the members of WEA in telling the state Senate to respect the court's McCleary decision and fully fund our public schools and reduce class sizes for all students in Washington."