Take Action for Public Education!

Three easy actions you can take right now to help fund public education in Washington state 

  1. Oppose the Senate Republicans' budget! Tell your lawmakers to stand firm against it and fto support a  budget that helps students and gets us closer to McCleary-level funding.  

  2. Steps in Olympia. Sponsored by the WEA caucuses and Washington Paramount Duty: WEA BAT CAUCUS | WEA LGBTQ CAUCUS | WEA NATIVE AMERICAN & ALASKA NATIVE CAUCUS | WEA HISPANIC CAUCUS | WEA BLACK CAUCUS

  3. Call the Legislative Hotline! 800-562-6000, weekdays from 8 to noon and 1 pm to 4:30 pm It's OK if you don't know your legislators - the hotline will direct your message to the right people. 

    • Message of the week: Tell legislators to oppose the Senate Republican budget, retain local control of our schools and provide professional competitive pay for educators.

  4. Go see "Backpack Full of Cash," a documentary about how privatization is hurting public schools, and the students who need the most help. 
Central Kitsap educators advocating for education funding.