In 2021, it's all about local races.

This year, more than 3,500 local races in Washington state will determine who leads our school boards, our towns and more.  We know that many of these races are decided by just a few votes, making it even more important for educators to vote and get involved in the elections.  Through our political action committee, WEA-PAC, educators across the state are interviewing and endorsing pro-labor, pro-public education candidates who will stand with us to make sure our students and communities thrive.

These races will require critical resources including your time and energy. It also includes financial resources. That’s why we’ve launched the $20.21 for 2021 fundraising drive. To contribute, click here. This money goes directly to supporting pro-public education, pro-labor candidates. Your work in WEA-PAC lays the foundation and will continue to help us succeed in years to come.