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"Come Spend a Day in the Classroom"

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It’s crucial for our legislators to hear from us this year. They’re making decisions that will affect our profession, our students and our families for years to come – yet most of them are not educators.

Sen. Steve Litzow wants to tie student test scores to teacher evaluations.“I want legislators to understand what it means to be a teacher. Come spend a day in the classroom and meet the various expectations. Budget your take-home pay to meet all the necessary expenses each month. The work of teachers is often minimized and misunderstood. Could the legislators make it through the year as a teacher?” said Ellen Ingram, an early childhood special education teacher at Discovery Elementary in Issaquah.

When it comes to compensation, the discrepancy between legislators and educators is notable:

  • Legislators are in line to get an 11.2 percent raise over the next two years. For K-12 employees, Gov. Inslee has proposed a 4.8 percent COLA over two years.
  • Inslee’s budget gives legislators nearly $200 more a month for their health care than what K-12 employees would receive. In fact, Inslee’s budget keeps educator health care funding at the same stagnant level it’s been since 2011 – despite ever-increasing costs.

Updated priority bills

The WEA list of priority bills has been updated. And now we’ve added the bad education bills, including legislation tying test scores to teacher evaluations and giving principals the ability to reject teachers for virtually any reason.

WEA’s 2015 legislative priorities are here.

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