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Don't Let Olympia Take More Control Over Our Local Public Schools

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Throughout American Education Week, we’ve been talking about the Student Bill of Rights. The fifth and final funding issue we're focusing on is local control and protecting our right to collectively bargain with our employer. Parents and local educators know better than anyone what their students need, and they are the ones who should be making important decisions about their children and public schools:

All students have right to attend local public schools that have the flexibility to meet their unique needs.

This requires fully funding basic education while ensuring that parents, educators and community members have a voice in shaping their public schools, including the ability to approve levies to support student programs beyond basic education.

Email Gov. Inslee and tell him not to shortchange our students when he writes his budget. The McCleary court decision is all about funding basic education, and it’s not about letting Olympia take more control over our schools.

Thank you for standing up for the civil rights of Washington students.

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