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Election results show strong support for public education

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Washingtonians of all backgrounds, races, and zip codes came together this election to show our support for a quality public education for every student.  Across the state, candidates who stand with us won or retained seats and educators are looking forward to working with them to meet our students’ needs.  This was only possible because of the support of WEA-PAC members who interviewed and endorsed candidates, called and texted fellow members, and voted for pro-public education candidates.

With almost all of the votes counted, about two-thirds of the 142 WEA-PAC-endorsed candidates are winning including about 70% of the WEA member educators who ran for office. 

Strong backing for honest and safe education

Opponents of public education have latched on to COVID safety rules and history and social studies lessons to try to divide our communities and undermine support for public education.  Across the state voters showed that we won’t be fooled and that we support honest, comprehensive education that helps students reckon with our past in order to build a better future.  About 80% of our WEA-PAC candidates who faced opponents proposing bans or restrictions to curriculum won.

In Southwest Washington, three WEA educators won school board seats to secure a strong voice for quality, honest education and for COVID safety.  WEA-PAC members helped to elect Corey McEnry (Camas), Teresa VanNatta (Hockinson), and Wendy Smith (Vancouver) who defeated candidates opposed to school COVID safety measures and truthful, updated lessons. We know they will be strong educator voices we can count on to support our students’ learning.

Amplifying and electing diverse voices

Our schools and communities are strongest when our diversity of experiences are all represented at  decision-making tables. This election we voted for more Black and Brown candidates whose voices will be critical to meeting the needs of all of our students.    WEA members are proud to be part of the effort to make our elected bodies more inclusive.

In Bellevue, endorsed candidates Jane Aras and Joyce Shui won school board seats in a hotly contested election.  BEA leaders texted, called, and sent mail to fellow members to make sure every educator voted for Jane and Joyce, and those votes made a difference.  BEA is looking forward to working with a more diverse school board that reflects the values of its community.

Keeping up our advocacy

Now that we’ve made our voices heard at the ballot box, it’s time to work with the candidates we have elected.  WEA members are ready to work with our school boards and legislature to support a great education for our students.

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