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Updated Nov. 30, 2020

WEA endorses pro-education, pro-labor candidates who can make advances for students, educators and public schools. We have also been proud to endorse a slate of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) candidates to improve representation in the statehouse this year. The more our elected officials look like all of us, the better the decisions that come out of Olympia. 

WEA President Larry Delaney shared his thoughts about some of the races: 

“Educators know what a considerable impact elected officials can have on the quality of education we are able to provide. That’s why we’re thrilled to re-elect Gov. Jay Inslee. He backs public education and stands up for our students.  We’re looking forward to working with him for the next four years.

“Never in Washington’s history have we had the opportunity to send such a diverse group of candidates to Olympia. WEA is proud to have supported BIPOC candidates and help them to victory.  Representation matters and we’re thrilled to have a legislature in Olympia that better represents the people of Washington.”

And WEA Vice President Janie White added her comments as well: 

“Educators know how critical it is to have leaders in Olympia who support public education and will work to get our students what they need. WEA was proud to support Superintendent Chris Reykdal, a strong leader with integrity and experience. We congratulate him on his reelection and look forward to working with him to improve racial equity, close opportunity gaps, and invest in our great public schools.

“Tonight we took one step forward in addressing systemic racism by electing more Black, Indigenous, and people of color  candidates who more completely represent the diversity of our community.  WEA put our strength behind these candidates because we know how critical it is for all of our voices to be heard.  We congratulate all of our winning candidates and will support their success in Olympia.”

Statewide races where our endorsed candidates won:

  • Jay Inslee, Governor                    
  • Denny Heck, Lt. Governor 
  • Bob Ferguson, Attorney General
  • Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands
  • Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Pat McCarthy, Auditor
  • Mike Pellicciotti, Treasurer
  • Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner 
  • Charles Johnson, Supreme Court
  • G. Helen Whitener, Supreme Court
  • Raquel Montoya-Lewis, Supreme Court
  • Referendum 90 

State Senate

As ballot counting has continued, we have updates: 

  • LD 5 Ingrid Anderson is behind.  A hand recount is underway. 
  • LD 28 T’wina Nobles has won
  • LD 10 Helen Price Johnson has lost her bid 

State House 

In key races where WEA focused, four out of seven of our candidates are winning. This is the slate of BIPOC candidates WEA endorsed to improve representation in the legislature. 

  • LD 30 – Jamila Taylor and Jesse Johnson, who is a WEA member 
  • LD 37 – Kirsten Harris-Talley
  • LD 44 – April Berg

In the remaining districts, here are results. 

  • LD 1, Reps. Davina Duerr and Shelley Kloba, and Sen. Derek Stanford all won
  • LD 3, Reps. Marcus Riccelli, Timm Ormsby and Sen. Andy Billig all won
  • LD 4, Lori Feagan and Lance Gurel both lost 
  • LD 5, Reps. Bill Ramos and  Lisa Callan won, Ingrid Anderson for Senate is behind and in a recount.
  • LD 6, Zack Zappone and Tom McGarry both lost
  • LD 7, Georgia Davenport lost 
  • LD 8, Rep. Matt Boehnke won.  He is a WEA member
  • LD 10, Reps. Angie Homola lost. Dave Paul is winning.  Senate candidate Helen Price Johnson has lost.
  • LD 11, Rep. Zack Hudgins lost, Rep. Steve Bergquist, a WEA Member, and Sen. Bob Hasegawa won
  • LD 12, Adrianne Moore lost
  • LD 13, Eduardo Castaneda-Diaz lost 
  • LD 16, Frances Chvatal lost and Rep. Skyler Rude won, and Danielle Garbe Reser lost her senate bid 
  • LD 17, Tanisha Harris lost, Rep. Paul Harris won, and Daniel Smith lost his bid for senate 
  • LD 18, Kassandra Bessert and Donna Sinclair lost
  • LD 19, Rep. Brian Blake and Sen. Dean Takko both lost     
  • LD 21, Rep. Strom Peterson and Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self, a WEA member, both won
  • LD 22, Reps. Laurie Dolan and Jessica Bateman and Sen. Sam Hunt all won
  • LD 23, Tarra Simmons and Sen. Christine Rolfes both won 
  • LD 24, Reps. Mike Chapman, Steve Tharinger and Sen. Kevin Van De Wege all won 
  • LD 25, Jamie Smith, a WEA member, Brian Duthie and Julie Door all lost
  • LD 26, Carrie Hesch  and Joy Stanford both lost 
  • LD 27, Reps. Laurie Jinkins, Jake Fey, and Sen. Jeannie Darneille all won 
  • LD 28, Rep. Mari Leavitt and Dan Bronoske won, and T'wina Nobles won her Senate race  
  • LD 29, Reps. Melanie Morgan and Steve Kirby both won
  • LD 30, Jamila Taylor and Rep. Jesse Johnson, a WEA member, both won 
  • LD 32, Reps. Cindy Ryu and Lauren Davis both won 
  • LD 33, Reps. Tina Orwall and  Mia Gregerson both won 
  • LD 34, Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon won    
  • LD 35, Reps  Dan Griffey and Drew MacEwen won
  • LD 36, Rep. Noel Frame both won, but Sarah Reyneveld did not 
  • LD 37, Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos and Kirsten Harris-Talley both won
  • LD 38, Reps. Emily Wicks and Mike Sells, a WEA member, and Sen. June Robinson all won
  • LD 39, Claus Joens, a WEA member, did not win
  • LD 40, Reps. Debra Lekanoff and Alex Ramel, and Sen. Liz Lovelett all won
  • LD 41, Rep. My-Linh Thai and Sen. Lisa Wellman both won 
  • LD 42, Alicia Rule and Rep. Sharon Shewmake, a WEA member, won
  • LD 43, Rep. Frank Chopp won
  • LD 44, Rep. John Lovick and April Berg won 
  • LD 45, Reps. Roger Goodman and Larry Springer won
  • LD 46, Reps. Gerry Pollet and Javier Valdez both won 
  • LD 47, Reps Debra Entenman and Pat Sullivan both won 
  • LD 48, Reps. Vandana Slatter and Amy Walen both won 
  • LD 49, Reps. Sharon Wylie and Monica Stonier, a WEA member, and Sen. Annette Cleveland all won 

Congressional races

  • CD 1, Rep. Suzan DelBene won
  • CD 2, Rep. Rick Larsen won
  • CD 3, Rep. Carolyn Long lost
  • CD 6. Rep. Derek Kilmer won
  • CD 7, Rep. Pramila Jayapal won
  • CD 8, Rep. Kim Schrier won
  • CD 9, Rep. Adam Smith won 
  • CD 10, Beth Doglio lost 
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