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Stable school funding

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Funding stabilization victory

Nobody knows like WEA members how important it is for students to have reliable and consistent access to the teaching and services they need to learn.  The pandemic brought fluctuations in school enrollments that put services and programs at many K-12 public school districts at risk.  We told lawmakers how important it is that we hold districts harmless for dips in enrollment.

Together, we secured $346 million to stabilize K-12 public school funding this year, ensuring that schools have additional funds that can help us minimize the impacts of pandemic enrollment dips.  Program funding streams supported by this include:

  • General apportionment,
  • Special Education,
  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP),
  • Transitional bilingual,
  • Highly capable,
  • Career and technical education,
  • Alternative Learning Experiences (ALE),
  • Dropout reengagement,
  • Running start, and
  • Institutional engagement.

For levies and levy equalization through 2023, districts can use 2019-2020 school year enrollment numbers.  More details are in HB 1590, which passed and was funded.

Winning stabilized school funding is only possible because in WEA-PAC we have a strong non-partisan voice to elect pro-labor, pro-education candidates. It makes a difference when our lawmakers understand the importance of public education and supporting educators.  Now is a great time to join educators from across the state in WEA-PAC or to increase your contribution.

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