Interested in Running for Office?

Contact Emily Hansen and Samantha Casne for more information.

Interested in running for School Board? (...Or recruiting someone else who may be interested!)

Half of all school board races will be up for election in 2021. As we know, local school boards help determine so much about our profession including health and safety protocols and how we safely return to school buildings. If you are wondering which school board seats are up for election, how to recruit candidates, and what your locals can do to support these races -- we can help!

If you are a WEA member, leader or staff person we can send you our School Board toolkit. It includes:

  • One pager on everything you need to know about running for School Board
  • A presentation on how to successfully recruit candidates to run for School Board
  • List of School Board positions that are up for election this year

School Board races are not only important to our schools, they can be a spring board to higher office. That's why it's important we work to elect more BIPOC candidates to our local School Boards this year.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a member running for office and have already declared your candidacy we are unable to provide you with additional resources, due to campaign finance laws in our state. Please reach out BEFORE you declare your candidacy.

Candidate Trainings:

  • Path to Power (labor): March 29-31​

  • Women’s Caucus: March 6 (women), March 20 (women of color)

  • Re:Power (formerly Camp Wellstone): April 12-29​

  • SAGE Leaders (BIPOC): April 17​

  • National Emerge (democratic self-identified women): May 2

  • WA Emerge: June 2-6

Public Resources: