2021 Fundraising Drive WEAPAC_Logo

THIS JUST IN: Our NEW WEA-PAC logo! And what better way to unveil it then by putting it on some fun new items.

2021 is an important election year, as many local races will be on the ballot -- including city, county and school board races across the state. As we know, local school boards help determine so much about our profession including health and safety protocols in our schools. But getting involved takes resources. That's why we are launching our 2021 fundraising drive. As a token of appreciation for your support, we will send you the following items for each donation level.

$20.21 - Phone Wallet

Find yourself more forgetful during the pandemic? The phone wallet is here to help! Never forget your credit cards, bus pass or ID badge again. Attach this wallet to the back of your phone and these items will be with you wherever you go! Donate here.

phone wallet

$120 - Hat & Face Mask

As we head into summer that can only mean one thing - hat weather! With this hat and face mask combo you'll never leave the house unsafe or out of style. Donate here.

hat and mask

$240 - Zip Up Sweatshirt

Not ready for summer yet? Or maybe you are always cold no matter the season? Then this sweatshirt is for you. The beautiful royal blue layers nicely over all of your red for ed t-shirts. Get yours before they RUN OUT! Donate here.


Make your contribution here!

Please note: items may take a few weeks to mail. If you contributed $240 we'll also request your sweatshirt size via email.

For all other questions, please email weapac@washingtonea.org.