The choice is clear: tax break for the ultra-rich or $5 billion for kids?

KidsEducators are voting NO on Initiative 2109 this fall because if it passes it would cut more than $5 billion from education in the next 6 years.

I-2109 Would Slash Childcare and Education Funds

The Children’s Alliance, Save The Children Action Fund, Moms Rising, and many more oppose I-2109 because it will cut more than $5 billion over 6 years from education, worsening Washington’s childcare and school funding crisis in both rural and urban areas.

I-2109 Shifts Tax Pressure to Middle-Income Families

I-2109 puts more tax pressure on the rest of us. It carves out a tax break for a handful of people - fewer than 4,000 wealthy households - shifting more tax responsibility on middle- and low- income Washingtonians who are already paying the biggest share - up to 17% of our incomes - in state and local taxes.

Vote No to Stand Up for Washington’s Families

I-2109 is paid for by a hedge fund mega-millionaire who wants to stop paying his share. Voting against I-2109 means standing up for working families and telling the super-wealthy that it's time to stop using their power to avoid paying what they owe.

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