How will schools be identified for intervention?

Regardless of Title status, Washington State requires supports for low performing schools. Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, states will be required to identify Comprehensive and Targeted support schools. What should you expect if you work in a school that gets identified for support?

A guide for WEA members working in Comprehensive Support Schools.

What if I work in a Priority or Focus school?

Until the full transition to ESSA in the 2017-18 school year, schools identified for intervention under NCLB will continue to provide student supports. Schools that score in the lowest 5% of achievement (Priority Schools) or have sub-groups in the lowest 5% (Focus Schools) will continue to provide supports to their students as outline in their 2015-16 school improvement plan.  Learn more in our 2016-17 ESSA transition FAQ.

Under NCLB, Priority Schools were eligible to apply for a School Improvement Grant. Washington's Cohort I was funded in 2010, Cohort II 2011, and Cohort III in 2014. Under ESSA, the School Improvement Grant program is eliminated but states will be required to set aside more of their Title I dollars for school improvement.