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By Educators, for Educators

Welcome to the WEA Teacher Residency!

The Washington Education Association Teacher Residency is a new and innovative pathway for individuals who have a BA or higher who want to earn a full teaching certificate with an endorsement in Special Education.

They have equipped me with the skills to teach special education. I can deliver specially designed instruction for all categories of disabilities and create goals that align to our state standards for each individual with a disability” 

- 2023-24 WEA Teacher Resident

We are seeking residents who are a reflection of Washington's diverse learners and communities. Our residents are equity focused, student centered, and are advocates for all students, particularly students with disabilities, and for their families and communities. Through the program, residents will engage and collaborate in rigorous, asset-based coursework that will support and challenge them to be classroom ready, and to deliver impactful and joyful inclusive learning for every student in our state. 

I am so excited to be a part of this teacher residency program! I am getting hands-on training and experience in multiple areas through this program, and I know I will be a better special education teacher because of it. I have instructors, mentors, coaches, and field supervisors who are available to answer my questions, observe my work and give me immediate one-on-one feedback. I don’t know of any other teacher preparation program that offers this kind of support! Everyone I work with is kind and caring and determined to help all of us succeed, and I’m so grateful that a program like this exists.” 

- 2023-24 WEA Teacher Resident Katie Litondo

Who should apply? Individuals committed to social justice, inclusion, and to students with disabilities, and who identify with our core values

Core Values