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2025-26 Teacher Residency Partner Sites

Each year, WEA accepts applications from interested local association/school district partners who want to increase the number of skillful, student centered, equity focused, well prepared and ready special education teachers who reflect the diversity of the students and community in which they will serve.

New Site Partner applications for the WEA Teacher Residency 2026-27 Cohort will be open January 2025. Watch this page for more information.

To be a WEA Teacher Residency partner site, the local education association and the school district must apply jointly. The local association president should initiate a conversation with the school district and the local Paraeducator association about partnering to submit an application.

WEA seeks new single district partners, and groups of multiple small or rural local association/school districts within a proximal region that apply together to support a cohort of at least four Teacher Residents.

School districts support residents that have been accepted in the program by:

  • Hiring them to work as Paraeducators, and to engage in coursework from January to June. During this period, residents will be paid according to the locally negotiated Paraeducator salary and benefits.
  • Hiring them as full residents with a salary of at least $40,000 plus benefits for the 2026-27 school year September through June.
  • Providing fully certificated mentors with at least three years of experience across multiple special education settings and multiple grade levels who will coteach with residents. Settings may include:
    • Resource Supports
    • Behavior Supports
    • Intensive Supports
    • General Education with Inclusion

Site partners work with the WEA Teacher Residency Program to recruit potential residents and mentors, and participate in resident interview and selection processes.

Learn more about the WEA Teacher Residency Structure.

3-Stage Partner Site Application Process

  • Stage One: Notification of Interest (NOI) Indicates early shared interest by local association and school district to be considered a future WEA Teacher Residency site.
  • Stage Two: Written application with supporting data, budget commitments, justification for number of residents to host, articulation of district commitment to equity and inclusionary practices, and commitment to identify host sites that will support diverse residents.
  • Stage Three: The Interview for finalist sites will consist of an in-person or virtual interview with a lead representative from the local association, paraeducator association, school district and WEA Teacher Residency.
More questions? Contact WEA Educator Career Pathways Design & Implementation Specialist Cindy Rockholt.