State learning standards


The implications of the Common Core State Standards for students, classrooms, schools and collective bargaining are significant, and WEA members have identified CCSS as a top professional development priority:

  • 2013-14 WEA Professional Development Survey WEA Pre-K through 12: Certificated and Classified members identified CCSS training as a top five professional development priority.
  • 2013-14 WEA-RA Professional Development Network Interest Form: Almost 30% of delegates identified CCSS training as their top professional development priority.
  • 2014-15 WEA Member Poll: Almost 87% of WEA members indicated qualified support for the CCSS.

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Common Core state standards for paraeducators

This course is designed to provide paraeducators with an introduction to the Common Core State Standards. Participants will have time to consider the implications for student instruction and their role as paraeducators in providing support to students. Participants will be given a general overview in the ELA and Math CCSS and experience hands-on activities to practice CCSS aligned strategies and practices. This training is given across the state and throughout the year.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore the six CCSS "shifts" in ELA and Math
  • Experience CCSS aligned activities to gain familiarity with the new standards and practices
  • Participants will leave with specific strategies and ideas for CCSS aligned interactions with their students

Contact Sally McNair, National & State Education Policy Implementation Coordinator, to learn more about Common Core State Standards for Paraeducators.

ELA and math state standards seminars

Members are the voice of the education profession, and the WEA and its local affiliates are working to ensure that members have access to the high-quality, educator-led professional development needed to implement the ELA and Math Standards with fidelity. These trainings are given across the state and throughout the year.

Course Objectives:

  • Examining what the new standards mean for teaching and learning;
  • Discussing the “shifts” required in teaching and learning in literacy and mathematics;
  • Applying key concepts and ideas in one’s work;
  • Understanding the range of “pro” and “con” arguments emerging around the CCSS;
  • Empowering WEA members to advocate for the time and resources needed to implement the standards in ways that lead to improved student learning.

Contact Scott Poirier, K-12 Education Policy Issues Coordinator, to lean more about the ELA and Math standards trainings.

Innovate! Passion and bravery in teaching: Rethinking STEM and humanities

At this 4-day annual event you will:

  • Learn about Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) within the context of all Washington state standards and learn more about the STEM movement in Washington state;
  • Explore many dimensions of innovative standards implementation related to the design of curricula, instruction and assessments that engage diverse learners;
  • Examine new possibilities with integrated curricula that help students meet state standards in interesting and engaging ways;
  • Revamp an existing lesson to embed new approaches in curricular innovation, integration and standards implementation.

Contact Jim Meadows, Instruction and Certification Specialist, to learn more about this standards training.