Washington Schools & COVID-19

WEA supports following the most recent public health guidelines and encourages everyone who can to get vaccinated immediately. We support masking, contact tracing, testing, and other scientifically-proven measures that reduce COVID spread to keep our communities safe.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, WEA and your local have been committed to fighting for these four things:

  • Protecting your health and well-being, and that of your families, students and our communities;
  • Taking meaningful action to connect with students who were hard to reach with last year's distance learning, especially students of color, low-income populations, immigrants and English learners, special education, homeless students and foster youth;
  • Putting racial equity and social justice at the center of all policy and budget decisions that affect our students and public schools, and
  • Ensuring our schools are fully funded and staffed to meet students' needs. No matter what school looks like this fall, we know we need more nurses, custodians, instructional assistants, social workers and mental health professionals — and they must have the resources they need to support our students.

  • Health and Safety

    Protecting the health and wellness of students, educators, and families remains our top priority.

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  • Explicit Equity

    Each student and educator, whether black, brown or white, must have every opportunity to be the best they can be.
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  • We want ...

    "As we prepare for the upcoming year, we need to keep our children and their families at the forefront of our plans. We need to develop clear expectations that are consistent across the state. What is required and what is not? How can we make accountability equitable?  Our school year will be different; however, our passion and commitment remains the same."

    — Jessica Bairey, Central Kitsap elementary teacher

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  • Professional Growth & Certification Issues

    Providing and connecting educators to opportunities for continuing education in our professions to best serve students.

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  • Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

    All of us want answers and certainty. There is none. All we can do is do the best we can to support ourselves, our families and our students. We need to remember to find ways to stay sane and stay healthy. 
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  • Know Your Rights

    Have questions about your rights, responsibilities, pay, and benefits in the context of school closures? Or the rights of your students? We'll post answers here.
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