Wear red for public education on Monday, Feb. 26 to demonstrate your pride and commitment to your union. Read More Close


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Wear Red for Public Education


Let’s stand together and show our colors on Monday, Feb. 26, the day the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a politically motivated attack to use the Court to divide and conquer public sector unions, including WEA. The case is called Janus v. AFSCME. 

If affirmed by the Court, Janus would eliminate public sector unions' ability to collect “fair share” (agency) fees from individuals who receive the benefits of the contract, but who aren't union members. This would make it harder for educators, firefighters and nurses to stand together to fight for things we believe in, such as our students, our schools, and the freedom to negotiate for wages and benefits.

The case was brought by the ultra-conservative National Right to Work Committee and Liberty Justice Center. They, in turn, are funded by corporate billionaires like the Koch Brothers who want to rig the system even more in their favor.

We know there is power in numbers, and when we stick together, we achieve great things. Consider:

  • Our local union negotiates for better salaries and benefits and makes sure our contract is enforced. With a united membership behind us, we have the power to protect our rights and to fight for the needs of our students.
  • Our WEA membership gives us the strength in numbers to do things we cannot do separately. Together, we have won more funding for our students and negotiated better salaries and benefits for educators. And, together, we will keep fighting in Olympia and at home until legislators fully fund public education so that all of our students have access to a quality education.

Wear red for public ed on Monday, Feb. 26 and post photos of you with your colleagues on social media, using the #WeAreWEA hashtag. It’s a great way to demonstrate our unity and strength. 

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