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Tell Department of Education to start following the law

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Has the U.S. Department of Education gone too far in their draft regulations for ESSA implementation?  The proposed regulations have been widely criticized for missing the legislative intent of ESSA and continuing the harsh and punitive practices of NCLB. 

Contact the Department of Education before August 1, and let them know the regulations should reflect the new law.

Visit the FairTest website for a template you can use when contacting the Department of Education and for more information about major concerns with the draft regulations.

Some of the most controversial proposed regulations include:

  • Requiring states to lower the ranking of any school that does not test 95% of their students or to identify it as needing “targeted support.” 
  • Mandating states to create at least three distinct levels of school performance for each accountability indicator while ESSA only requires states to identify the lowest 5% of schools and schools with consistently underperforming sub-groups of students.
  • Mandating states to combine their accountability indicators into one summative score which can lead to overly simplified and flawed labels for schools.

Read the complete draft regulations.

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