United for equity and against racism

WEA's 2020 Legislative Priorities Include Promoting Equity, Combating Racism, and Eliminating Discrimination

The Washington Constitution guarantees all students a quality public education regardless of school district, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity, sex, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

WEA supports legislation that promotes equity, eliminates discrimination, and combats racism in our public schools and colleges.


Ethnic studies curriculum​

Support the adoption of ethnic studies curriculum in all public schools and colleges.

Racial literacy professional development for K-12 educators​

Support the OSPI Staffing Enrichment Working Group recommendation to provide three additional days of professional development for racial literacy and cultural responsiveness.

Student demographics 2018-19

Almost half of Washington's 1.1 million K-12 public school students are students of color, according to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. OSPI reports that 12 percent of our students are English language learners and 46 percent are from low-income families.

WA student demographics 2018-19

Disparities exist in student discipline

According to OSPI: "Like other states, Washington has experienced significant and persistent disparities in the discipline of students based upon race/ethnicity, disability status, language, sex and other factors. While overall rates of exclusionary discipline (suspension and expulsion) have declined over the last decade, significant disparities persist. These trends warrant serious attention from school districts, as well as OSPI, to work toward equitable opportunities and outcomes for each and every student." This chart shows discipline rates.

Our tax system promotes racial inequities

According the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, our state's tax system taxes lower-income families at a higher rate than wealthy individuals and corporations, which hurts people of color. According to the Center, "our state’s tax code is both a product, as well as a perpetrator, of stark racial inequities." Read their report on taxes and revenue and how tax policy is a racial equity issue.

Download a printable PDF version of WEA's 2020 legislative priorities.