Recruit, Retain & Respect Quality Educators

WEA's 2020 Legislative Priorities Include Recruiting, Retaining and Respecting Quality Public School Employees and College Faculty

WEA supports high professional standards that recognize the value of experience and education, and we believe educators must have a voice in setting education policy. We also support competitive pay and benefits needed to attract and retain qualified, caring, and committed educators for our students. In addition, we oppose the use of standardized assessments in certification programs. 

WEA supports legislation that helps and assists educators from their certification programs through retirement and ensures they have a strong voice in education policymaking at every level.


Fully fund paraeducator professional development

In 2015 the Legislature passed landmark legislation requiring a full system of professional development for all instructional paraeducators. The Legislature funded only two of the required four days of professional development. WEA will continue to lobby the Legislature to fully the required four days of professional development for all instructional paraeducators.

Protect educators’ privacy

Currently, public employees’ birthdates and other personal information can be made public, which endangers their privacy and security and may subject them to harassment by anti-union political groups. The Washington Supreme Court recently clarified that the Legislature pass legislation protecting birthdates and other personal information of public sector employees.

Improve educator compensation

WEA supports improving educators' salaries and benefits.​ WEA slso supports cost-of-living adjustments for Plan 1 retirees, removing the cap on sick leave accural and expanding compensation for educator experience and national certification. ​

Support aspiring educators

Support the development of a paid teacher residency program to support a more diverse educator workforce.

Download a printable PDF version of WEA's 2020 legislative priorities.