2020 Digital Action Team

Electing pro-education, pro-union candidates, one click at a time!

Help us elect pro-education, pro-union candidates by texting other members, texting your friends, sharing social content and even recording a testimonial video. Getting involved has never been so easy!  See for yourself in this short training video which will tell you everything you need to know about signing up and taking action.


Step 1: Sign up here!

Step 2: Check out the OutVote app!
As times change, so does the way we organize. While we may miss the face to face connection of Doorbell Saturdays, we can still do relational organizing from our home. That's what this app is all about!

Step 3: Join OutVote! You can do it on your computer, but we recommend downloading the app and using it on your phone. (Make sure to use our campaign code: 459807)

Step 4: Take action and get swag (that's why we need you to sign-up, we need to know where to mail your fun 2020 election themed materials!) The more actions you take, the more swag you'll get!

Step 5: Elect pro-education, pro-union candidates!

You can even download some virtual swag - cell phone backgroundszoom/teams background.


Want to learn more? Check out some of our sample actions below:

TextText other members and your friends

Help us spread the word about our endorsed candidates. What better way to do that than by texting other members (the sample below is for texting friends, but you get the idea)!



Share social content

Use the app to share content to your social media accounts to let your friends know about pro-education, pro-labor candidates!


Create your own testimonial

Feeling brave? Then create your own video testimonial. It's quick and easy to do (keep them under :30 second please!) Share your video with us then share it on your own social media networks too. YOU are our best messenger. Please help us spread the word!

Not sure what to say in your testimonial? Check out the video below!