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WEA PAC Recommendations

By now, you should have received your ballot in the mail for the August 2 primary election. It’s a crowded ballot, with many open positions attracting multiple candidates. 
This year, WEA PAC held an endorsement convention, with over 200 educators who gathered to listen to candidates, ask questions, debate and ultimately, make recommendations on the best pro-education, pro-labor candidates.  Here are a few endorsement highlights. For a complete summary of WEA PAC recommendations, visit the OurVoice website
Re-elect Governor Jay Inslee 
Inslee’s education priorities include fully funding K-12 schools as required by the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision, providing competitive pay and benefits for educators and upholding local bargaining rights.  
Cyrus Habib for Lt. Governor
Habib credits his public school experiences and small class sizes for much of his ability to overcome the childhood cancer that left him blind.  He’s been a steady supporter of smaller class sizes, public education and local bargaining in his role as a state senator. Habib says he will actively use the Lt. Governor’s position to push for full funding of basic education in 2017. 
Chris Reykdal for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Chris has been a champion for public education and union bargaining rights. He’ll bring his experience as a union member, classroom teacher, board member and community college executive to OSPI. He respects teacher voice, supports a reasonable approach to testing, and focusing resources on what students need to succeed in school. 
Marko Liias for State Treasurer
It’s important we elect a treasurer who understands the need to amply fund basic education. Marko Liias is that person. As a state lawmaker, Marko Liias championed reducing class sizes, fully funding basic education, advancing educator excellence through fair compensation and protecting educators’ union rights. 
Find out more about other WEA PAC endorsements including Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, at OurVoice. Be sure to fill out and return your ballot before the August 2 deadline to make your vote count! 
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