Smaller class sizes help all students

Class size countsIn 2014, Washington voters approved Initiative 1351, amending the definition of basic education to include smaller class sizes in every grade level and caling for additional education support professionals to work with our students. It was the second time Washington voters passed an initiative to reduce overcrowded class sizes. I-1351 codified these improvements in the legal definition of basic education. 

Despite WEA's opposition, the Legislature voted to delay implementation of I-1351. Voters approved I-1351 after the original McCleary decision, which means it's not part of the case. Legislators did reduce K-3 class sizes as part of their McCleary funding package. Most of our children, those in grades 4-12, will continue to be packed into some of the most overcrowded classrooms in the country.

In addition, in 2017, the Legislature failed to pass a capital projects budget, which provides funding to build additional classrooms needed to reduce class sizes.