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Approve R-90 for Safe and Healthy Youth

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Educators across the state are making our voices heard for comprehensive, medically accurate sex education.  We need to approve Referendum 90 on our November general election ballots because young people in every community deserve honest, accurate, and inclusive information that helps them make good decisions about sex, to protect themselves and to protect their futures. We’re speaking out because too many of our students don’t receive that kind of high-quality, accurate sex education, putting them at risk. 

"As an elementary health and fitness teacher, the health and safety of my students is the most important thing,” said Susan Sellers, a K-6 teacher in Edmonds School District.  “The social and emotional learning that elementary students receive as part of a comprehensive sexual health curriculum prepares them for being able to make safe decisions about their own health and safety in the future.” 

Honest and accurate sex education is good for young people’s health. In states with quality sex education, teens are talking about consent, waiting longer to have sex, avoiding getting pregnant, and keeping themselves safe.

“Approving R-90 is important so that we can work together to educate all students in Washington with the skills and knowledge they need to have healthy relationships, reduce unplanned pregnancies, STDs and sexual assault, and improve academic performance,” remarked Amy Miller, a secondary school teacher in Seattle.

Making sure every student in every community has access to high quality sex education is an equity issue.  Today, students of color are more likely to receive incomplete or incorrect sex education. We need to ensure that every child, regardless of race, gender, ability, or location, receives honest, age-appropriate information. 

“My students are the most vulnerable to situations that these skills would help them navigate,” shared Melissa Bowell, a high school health teacher in the Edmonds School District.  “A lot of them do not get exposure to these skills until it is too late. By high school these skills should be readily applicable not introduced or taught for the first or second time.” 

We need to keep in place Washington’s comprehensive sexual education.  Let’s stand together and vote to Approve 90 this election for all our students.

“As educators, it is our duty to make sure ALL students have access to factual and accurate information in all content areas - this includes Comprehensive Sexual Health,” Ms. Sellers said.

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