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Chris Reykdal

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Chris Reykdal

Trusted leadership for our students, educators, and schools

Educators across the state are voting for Superintendent Chris Reykdal because he has stood with us in support of our students, our schools, and us.

He has a proven commitment to our students.

Supt. Reykdal helped advocate for adding billions to public school funding under the McCleary decision. During his tenure as superintendent, he strongly supported legislative action to increase funding by billions of dollars.   

He supported delinking high stakes testing from high school graduation requirements, and he supports high quality professional development for ESP and certificated staff, such as the Inclusive Practice partnership with WEA.

Supt. Reykdal also opposes vouchers that take money from public schools for use by private schools.  He has stood with us as we oppose any attempt to take money out of our public school system.

He’s an experienced educator, standing up for educators.

Supt. Reykdal is a former certificated public school teacher who has fourteen years of experience in community college administration. 

He supports unions and collective bargaining rights to negotiate pay and working conditions with our districts. He meets with WEA leaders regularly and is willing to collaborate with us and our communities to make our public school system even better.

Learn more about what Supt. Reykdal accomplished in his first term.

Chris’s opponent, Maia Espinoza, is a bad choice for our students

She wants to implement vouchers.  She would fight to divert funds away from public schools to private schools.

She ignores science and wants to rush students back into the classroom during the pandemic without masks or physical distancing, and against health department recommendations.  She also spreads harmful disinformation about medically accurate, age appropriate sexual health education

She claims she is a teacher, but has no certificate.

Reykdal side-by-side

Please join educators in re-electing Chris Reykdal for Superintendent of Public Instruction

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