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Climate actions and resources

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Updated with more resources! November 2019.

Many of us and our students are concerned about the climate crisis. According to a recent story in the Washington Post, about one in four young people are already taking action to raise awareness that leads to action in fighting climate change.  

There are a couple of key dates this week that educators can use to help students feel empowered around addressing the issue.

Environmental, youth, and social organizations are calling for a “Global Climate Strike” the week of Sept. 20 – 27, and ask people to demand immediate action at all levels of government to prevent climate catastrophe. The WEA Board adopted a resolution at its meeting last weekend to support climate action on Friday, Sept. 20, and for educators to use the resources available from NEA to raise student and community awareness, to support students in developing action plans, and to stand in solidarity with youth on the issue of climate change.

Saturday, Sept 21 is also the UN International Day of Peace, and this year’s theme is “Climate Action for Peace.”  In addition to NEA resources, NPR has a list of activities and organizations that have resources for teaching about climate change.

These activities will mean that climate education is in the news this week, but of course, educators can teach about climate anytime during the school year.

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WEA encourages educators to advocate for statewide action to address climate change. This can be done in part by using these NEA resources and learning about our state standards for teaching climate change

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