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You hear the same thing every election – vote.  This election matters.  But this year’s election matters for very important reasons.

Our state is in a COVID-related recession and is facing massive budget shortfalls.  We know that basic education is protected and can’t be cut for budget reasons, but we need more than the basics. 

Reopening our school building is going to require additional funding for nurses, custodians, mental health professionals, and more.  Our students need more supports in school.  The state budget is our biggest source of education funding.

The candidates we elect are going to be making decisions about whether we address the budget shortfall with new revenue, with cuts, or a balance of both.  As educators we know that our state needs new, progressive sources of revenue to make our budget more sustainable. That’s why we’re supporting candidates who support education and who support a better budget.  Find your endorsed candidates here.

We also have the opportunity this election season to send the most diverse, inclusive set of lawmakers in history to Olympia.  More People of Color and women are on the primary ballot and we want to make sure their voices are heard.

We need lawmakers in Olympia who will stand for quality public schools and equitable supports for our students.  Educators are voting because we know what’s at stake.

Our vote is our voice for our students and our profession.  You should have received your ballot already.  They’re due by August 4, but don’t let your ballot sit on your kitchen table – vote now.  Stand with the candidates who stand with us.

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