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Friends and allies support our rights

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Summit Lobby Team 2019 Bethel

It’s great to have friends. Today, the Washington State Labor Council submitted a letter to oppose the amendments to SB 5313 that would limit bargaining rights. It was signed by over 30 labor and progriessive organizations.

Washington’s Paramount Duty posted a message and sent an email to parents who support public education to urge lawmakers to oppose the amendment, noting that it would “wind up slashing teacher pay and introduce the awful right-wing policies of people like (former Wisconsin Governor) Scott Walker to our state.”

Sen. Wellman supports educators.

And Senator Lisa Wellman, who sponsored the original bill to restore levy flexibility for school districts published a letter disavowing the amendments, agreeing with WEA’s interpretation of the impact the bill would have, and promising to use the remaining time in Olympia to find a levy solution that works.

We say thanks to these allies and others who support public education, educators and labor rights.

Keep up the pressure. If you haven’t already, email your legislators now!

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