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Get to know candidate Ingrid Anderson, RN

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Ingrid Anderson
Ingrid Anderson, RN

You might have heard the buzz around Ingrid Anderson, RN, our educator-endorsed candidate in the Issaquah area (5th legislative district).  With ballots arriving next week, due back by Aug. 4, it’s a good time to talk about why educators are so excited to elect Ingrid. 

Dedicated to ed

Ingrid has a moving story about why she’s so dedicated to education.  As a child, she had what she describes as a “non-linear path” to success.  When she met social and academic challenges while at Two Rivers High School in Snoqualmie, it was her educators who cheered her on and showed her that she could make a difference.  Her teachers encouraged her to get involved and give back, and that encouragement not only propelled her to get her bachelor’s in nursing but also to devote herself to her family and her community.

After she graduated from Snoqualmie public schools, she earned her associate degree at Bellevue Community College and her bachelor’s in nursing at UW Bothell.  She knows the value of public education.

Committed to community

Ingrid will be a strong voice for our families and our communities.  As a psychiatric nurse at Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, she works with our community’s most vulnerable residents every day.  This also means she understands the importance of fully funding school mental health professionals like counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and therapists and she understands that schools need to provide health and mental health services in order for students to succeed.

A group of local union members who volunteered to participate in Ingrid’s endorsement interview heard firsthand how committed she is to quality public education.  She talked not only about the need to care for the whole student, including physical and mental health, but also the importance of treating suicidal thoughts or substance abuse at schools for students who need it.  She understands how educational success is only possible when students’ basic needs are met.

Leading for legislation

Ingrid also knows what it takes to create change.  She has lobbied and testified in Olympia both for commonsense worker protections and for meal and rest breaks for nurses.  She has served as the Vice Chair for the Washington State Nurses Association Political Action Committee Board and she stands up for policies and candidates who stand for working families.

WEA members voted to endorse Ingrid because she’s one of us – a union member who cares about her community and its future.  When you get your ballot next week, join us in voting for Ingrid Anderson in the 5th legislative district!

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