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Make your voice heard: Join the Digital Action Team

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With election season fast approaching, students across the state are counting on us to make our voices heard and vote for education. Now more than ever, who we elect matters. That’s why it’s critical that we take action to make sure our colleagues and communities know which candidates stand with students. 

OurVoice 2020The candidates we’re electing now will help decide the future of education funding.  Maybe you’ve read the recent reporting about the possibility of school budget cuts?  We know that with McCleary our basic education budget is protected by the state constitution and Supreme Court order, but our opponents are still looking for ways around it.  We need lawmakers who understand that health and safety, equity, educator retention, class size, and more all matter for our students. Both educators and students have a lot on the line with this fall’s election.

Now is the time to join our Digital Action Team and make our voices heard.  To keep socially distanced, we’re using an exciting new app that lets each of us be influencers to help turn out the vote for pro-education, pro-labor candidates.  The app helps you spread the word to your social followers and friends which amplifies the news about which candidates we can count on.  Digital Action Team members can earn swag for signing up, training up, and taking part!

SwagSome of us are more used to doorbelling, but this year it just isn’t possible to talk with voters face to face.  Thankfully we have our own online communities to connect with which makes it easier than ever.  Help get the word out about education candidates using your smartphone by joining the Digital Action Team

How it works is the WEA team loads great content about candidates educators support into the app.  Then, you have the option of sharing that content on your social platforms with just a few taps.  The more you share, the more your community can learn about the candidates and share with their community, and the more swag you can earn.  It takes just moments but makes a huge impact.

Interested in learning more? Check here for additional details. The more actions you take, the more you help our candidates win, plus the more swag you get!

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