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Supreme Court: Charter schools are still unconstitutional

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The Washington Supreme Court has refused to reconsider its ruling that Washington’s charter school law is unconstitutional. Read the court's latest decision.

In September, the court overturned the charter law because it diverted public tax dollars to charter schools that are run by private organizations and are not accountable to taxpayers. Some politicians and a pro-charter group had asked the court to reconsider its 6-3 decision.

The court’s latest ruling affirms that the law is unconstitutional.

WEA members and other public school supporters continue to call on the Washington Legislature to comply with the court’s separate McCleary decision, which requires the state to fully fund K-12 public education for all of Washington’s children.

"As educators, we want what’s best for all students,” said WEA President Kim Mead. “That means amply funding K-12 public schools for all of Washington’s students and an education system that is governed by locally elected school district directors. Diverting money from our local public schools and giving it to private entities is unconstitutional.

“We will continue to fight for a great public education for all students, including those currently enrolled in charters.”


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