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WEA members rally at union event to protect safety and privacy

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HB 1888 rally group
WEA members rallied to support privacy legislation.

WEA members rallied with hundreds of other union members on the steps of the Capitol this week to support legislation that would help protect the privacy and safety of public workers.

House Bill 1888 would prevent public employers from releasing employees’ birth dates and payroll deduction information. Jennifer Marquez-Shell, a teacher-librarian from the Federal Way Education Association, was one of three speakers at the rally. She said she comes from a proud union family – her husband is a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). She implored lawmakers to pass HB 1888.

Jenn Marquez-Shell at HB 1888 rally
Federal Way EA member Jenn Marquez-Shell spoke at the HB 1888 rally.

“I support House Bill 1888 because along with other educators and public workers, I deserve privacy and safety. I love my job, but my commitment to students and quality public education shouldn’t put my privacy and safety at risk.” Marquez-Shell said. “This bill will prevent my employer from releasing my birth date to those who may have bad intentions.

“I urge legislators to pass HB 1888 and to protect the privacy and safety of teachers and other public workers across Washington.”

HB 1888 is scheduled for a committee vote Feb. 7. Email your legislators and urge them to support this important legislation.

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