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This Week in Olympia

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Week of April 1

Wow, what a whirlwind of activity this week. 

A surprise amendment, passed in the middle of the night, attacking our rights and our paychecks. And, wow did you respond. Thousands of calls and emails sent to lawmakers, followed by convergence of 150 WEA educators in Olympia, with less than a day’s notice, to deliver the message that this was terrible policy at any time, let alone in the midst of a teacher shortage. 2019_SB5313_Heather

SB 5313 in its current form has been reported as dead, but we all know that in Olympia, bills rising from the dead occur regularly enough that the term “Zombie bill” is a thing. Stay tuned. We may need you again in the event that this, or another bad bill should come up.

Meanwhile the House has posted amendment language for a clean levy bill, HB 2140, which we hope to see voted out of the Appropriations Committee soon. We support this bill to restore flexibility to local districts to fund things beyond basic education, including: extra teachers and instructional assistants. School nurses, counselors, librarians and social workers. Arts, athletics, and more. 

In other news, the Senate passed its budget on Thursday. The only change worth noting was restoring timber funding for schools in small and rural areas of the state. Both chambers have passed their budgets, and will now enter negotiations to reach the final budget. The regular session ends on April 28. 

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