Manka Dhingra elected to state Senate!

WEA members played a major role in electing Manka Dhingra to the Washington Senate in the 45th Legislative District. More than 600 educators helped contact voters on Dhingra's behalf. Her election flipped control of the state Senate to a pro-education, pro-union majority for the first time in five years. It made a huge difference in the 2018 legislative session -- and WEA members helped make it happen!

This single election could dramatically change what happens in Olympia!

Sign up here to join other WEA  members who are doorbelling for Manka Dhingra in the 45th Legislative District. We will be visiting voters in the district from 10 am until 1 pm on Oct. 28. You can also add your name to the list of WEA members who have endorsed Manka! Or download a one-page fact sheet about Manka Dhingra (only for WEA members).

Kim Mead and Manka Dhingra
WEA President Kim Mead and Manka Dhingra

Manka Dhingra is the proven pro-worker candidate and exactly the kind of leader we need to end the gridlock in Olympia. She will fight for health care, public schools and an economy that works for everyone. Right now, Republicans in the Senate have a slim one-vote majority -- and during the last legislative session, they promoted legislation that attacked workers' rights, unions and public schools.

By electing Manka Dhingra, we can return control of the state Senate to a pro-public education, pro-worker majority that will fight for kids and families. Dhingra stands with teachers, support professionals and students.

Manka Dhingra supports:

  • Competitive and professional pay for public school employees
  • Smaller class sizes for all students
  • Collective bargaining rights

Dhingra is a deputy prosecuting attorney in King County and has a long record as an advocate for women and working against domestic violence. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and has two children in Lake Washington public schools.

Dhingra is the only Senate candidate in this race who is endorsed by members of the Washington Education Association Political Action Committee (WEA-PAC). Dhingra won the WEA-PAC endorsement based on an interview with local educators and her written responses to a WEA-PAC questionnaire.

In her own words, here is where Manka Dhingra stands on key education issues:Manka Ring the Bell Logo, 9-19-17

  • Children in every corner of the state deserve equal access to a high-quality, state-funded education that meets their unique needs.
  • Cutting funding to our safety net to fully fund education is completely counter-intuitive, and our regressive tax system puts a huge burden on Washingtonians in lower-income brackets.
  • As a past union member, I know that unions provide essential protections to employees across all industries and all public sector employees should have the right to participate in a union.
  • We have an education funding crisis, and the most recent Senate budget does not help to alleviate it. We need a strong foundation for our public school system in order to combat the effort to privatize education at the federal level.