Get Ready! 2020 Elections are Coming!

2020 may be the most important election of our lifetime.

Offices Up for Election in 2020, US President, All US Congressional Districts, 1/3 of the US Senate, WA Governor, WA Lt. Governor, WA Secretary of State, WA State Treasurer, WA State Auditor, WA Attorney General, WA Commissioner of Public Lands, WA Superintendent of Public Instruction, WA Insurance Commissioner, WA Supreme Court positions 3, 4 & 7, All 98 WA State Representatives, 1/2 of the 49 WA State Senators There is so much at stake: in addition to all of the federal races (like president!), there are a significant number of state level offices up as well. The work WEA-PAC does will be critical to maintaining our pro-public education majorities in the State House and State Senate, as well as the Governor’s office (and many other statewide positions). These races will require critical resources. 

This includes your time and energy (get those sneakers ready for a number of doorbell Saturdays around the state!). It also includes financial resources. That’s why we’ve launched the $20.20 for 2020 fundraising drive. 

To contribute, click here

This money goes directly to supporting pro-public education, pro-labor candidates. Your work in WEA-PAC lays the foundation and will continue to help us succeed in years to come.

2020 Nominating Convention - Save the Date!

For statewide offices in 2020, we will be holding a nominating convention in the spring. This process is only open to WEA-PAC members who will get to hear directly from the candidates before deciding who we endorse. The convention will occur on May 16, 2020.  Stay tuned for more updates!

2020 Presidential Election 

Endorsements for federal offices happen through the NEA. Currently, NEA is asking ALL presidential candidates to get to know our members, listen to their concerns, and engage with them on issues that affect our schools, our students, and our communities. You can learn more about their process and ways to get invovled by visiting strongpublicschools.org