NEA Delegate Program

Be a National Convention Delegate!

Washington Delegation Convention SignThis spring, political parties in Washington State will select the people who will represent our state at their national conventions.  National Delegates play a key role in selecting their party's nominee for President and in developing their party's goals. If you're interested in being a National Delegate, NEA can help you!

By becoming a delegate to your party's national convention, WEA members (like you-yes you!) can help ensure public education is a central issue in the 2020 presidential race. If you're interested in being a national party delegate, visit the NEA's Strong Public Schools and fill out the form in the section labeled "Considering running for state delegate?" to let us know.

Who can become a delegate?

Anyone can be a delegate. While some seats are reserved for party leaders (superdelegates), most are wide open. Aspiring delegates simply pledge themselves to a candidate and campaign for a spot in the delegation.

How do you get selected to be a delegate?

Delegates are usually elected by their peers within the political party.  While each state has slightly different rules, the process is open to any voter of a political party that participates in their primary or caucus and seeks to be a delegate or alternate.

NEA has developed a tool to help members of NEA affliates across the country navigate the process of becoming a delegate.  Visit the Strong Public Schools website and select Washington state and your political party to learn more about delegate selection rules in our state.  Note: The rules to become party delegate to the Republican presidential convention are not currently available, but will be posted on this site as soon as they are published. If you you can help us track down the missing information, please contact NEA's Strong Public Schools team.

How can WEA/NEA help?

NEA has developed tools to help members across the country become national delegates.  Visit Strong Public Schools to learn more about becoming a delegate.  If you decide to run for national delegate, send an email to the WEA political team to let them know so they can send you additional materials when they become available.

What happens if I get selected as a national convention delegate?

If you’re selected as a delegate, NEA will provide training opportunities, logistical coordination, and some financial support. But first you have to let NEA know you're running.  Visit the Strong Public Schools site and scroll down to the orange section labeled "Considering running for state delegate?" to let them know you're interested!