TPEP certification renewal requirement

The legislature has added a new regulation to the continuing and professional certification requirements that includes continuing education or training on the new teacher and principal evaluation system. The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) approved the TPEP certification renewal requirement of at least 15 clock hours, or at least one goal from an annual professional growth plan (PGP) related to the evaluation criteria or system for continuing and professional certs starting September 1, 2019.

Legislative Regulation: RCW 28A.410.278 Beginning September 1, 2016, the professional educator standards board shall incorporate in-service training or continuing education on the revised teacher and principal evaluation systems under RCW 28A.405.100 as a requirement for renewal of continuing or professional level certificates, including requiring knowledge and competencies in teacher and principal evaluation systems as an aspect of professional growth plans (PGPs) used for certificate renewal.

How Can Educators Complete this Requirement?

  • 15 Clock hours out of the 100 clock hour requirement every 5 years
  • 1 Professional growth plan out of the 4 PGP required in a 5 year period
  • Must address one or more of the state TPEP criteria and/or the evaluation system

Clock Hour Forms:

  • Include a check box indicating TPEP related material
  • TPEP in title

Examples: (not an exhaustive list) 

  • Attending TPEP related course (CH)
  • Training with staff on any of the state TPEP criteria (CH)
  • Discussion of goals tied to individual’s TPEP as part of PGP process (PGP)
  • Completing TPEP modules (CH, PGP)
  • PLC with grade level team developing formative assessments to measure student growth (CH,PGP)
  • Teachers sharing a portion of their TPEP process that worked well with building faculty as part of formalized delivery (CH,PGP)
  • Sharing interventions that improves student learning (CH [if set as classes], PGP)
  • Individuals working on student growth criteria (PGP)
  • Individual actively engaging in content-area PLC (CH,PGP)
  • Teachers and administrators trained together if applicable
  • Participating in a series of voluntary sessions on evidence gathering or formative assessment. (CH)
  • Participating in afterschool or Saturday sessions aimed at specific topics such as “Introduction to Focused Evaluation” or “Student Measures in the Arts” (CH)
  • Participating in Educational Service District (ESD) work related to TPEP/Common Core State Standards (CCSS) coherence offers sessions for teachers based on information gleaned in regional work. (CH)
  • Teachers meet to create common assessments, analyze data from those assessments, and create instructional plans that respond to student learning needs. (CH,PGP)
  • Teachers learn skills to enhance questioning across the curriculum. (CH,PGP)
  • Teachers work together to learn collaborative strategies for improving student learning. (CH,PGP)
  • A group of teachers on Comprehensive evaluations meet monthly to discuss various aspects of the process, share successes, and address common challenges. (PGP)

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