Candidates for NEA State Director and WEA ESP At-Large Directors

Candidates for NEA State Director (one position available)

NEA State Directors meet at NEA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. They are involved in critical decisions about Association policy related to public education and they help administer decisions made by delegates of the NEA Representative Assembly (the NEA’s highest decision-making body).

Candidates are in the order their nominations were received.

Sobia Sheikh, MUKILTEO E A – NEA State Director Candidate

Sobia Sheikh for NEA Director

David Landrum, LAKE WASHINGTON E A – NEA State Director Candidate

Miguel Saldana, Pasco Assoc. of Educators – NEA State Director Candidate

Saldana, Miguel 2

Stephanie Ervin, SPOKANE E A – NEA State Director Candidate

Stephanie Ervin for NEA State DirectorMy name is Stephanie Ervin. I am a descendant of generations of Indigenous strength, perseverance and resilience. This upbringing has prepared me for this work of advocacy and speaking to matters that effect our students, families and communities. It has been my honor to serve the WEA on the Human and Civil Rights committee, the Early Educators Committee, the Board of Directors, as well as building representative and Local Executive Committee. This work has shown me the need to illuminate the issues of our most vulnerable and underrepresented populations in our schools and neighborhoods at the building, state and national level. In my current job, working at a middle school in Spokane, I encounter stories that our Congressional members need to hear first-hand, to begin to unravel the knots of oppression and barriers put in place before our students were even born. I want to represent our state with a strong, direct, and honest voice, in hopes of a brighter future for our students with limitless possibilities. It is in my path to relentlessly, unapologetically, and fiercely insist that our officeholders hear us, and I would like to take this fight to the national level, with your vote. Lm’lmtx (thank you)


Tara Drexler, BETHEL E A – NEA State Director Candidate

Tara Drexler for NEA State DirectorIn a time characterized by public fear and a desperate onus to address the needs of our most at-risk populations, it is vital that our focus be on the well-being of our students and teachers as well as on the delivery of quality educational resources. As we shift our intent from maintaining what has been learned to delivering high-quality new learning experiences, we must not leave students and teachers without adequate support.

My goal in this role is to be a voice for teachers at the national level. Expressing concerns and needs (especially those that have arisen in our current state of affairs) of our teachers, students, and families would be a top priority for me. We need to have a bigger say in what our national policy makers are developing to shape our futures in education and how that will impact teaching and learning.

I am a listener. When necessary, I speak. In the past, I have heard many people voicing concerns over the path of education as a whole. Today, I am hearing very specific concerns regarding delivering online learning experiences that will have positive outcomes when we get back to normal. Teachers are mostly ill-equipped to develop online teaching and learning experiences that have quality remotely close to what they can deliver in the classroom during face-to-face instruction. I want to help get teachers and students the tools they need to feel confident in their abilities to continue quality teaching and learning experiences regardless of the mode of delivery.

Finally, I want to be a voice for our underserved populations: those with exceptionalities, low socio-economic status, and all marginalized groups. We need to provide equity in all areas because “equal” isn’t always equitable.
Please vote for me and I will be YOUR voice on the national level.

Candidates for WEA ESP At-Large Director to the Board

(two positions available)

The ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board represents all ESP members in the state at these meetings. WEA Board Directors generally meet at WEA Headquarters in Federal Way and are involved in critical decisions about Association policy related to public education and they help administer decisions made by delegates of the WEA Representative Assembly (the WEA's highest decision-making body).

Candidates are in the order their nominations were received.

Rochelle Greenwell – Kent Association of Paraprofessionals –

WEA ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board Candidate

Rochelle Greenwell for ESP At LargeIt would be an honor and privilege to be elected as an ESP at Large Board Director for a second term.  While in this position I had the pleasure of connecting with members through several membership engagement drives as well as representing ESP's at a number of conferences.  Educational Support Professionals are the backbone of the educational system and it is important they have a voice. I would love to continue to be that voice and represent them on the WEA Board.


Aneeka Ferrell – Renton Professional-Technical Association –

WEA ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board Candidate

Aneeka Ferrell for ESP At LargeI believe it is important to have a quality, committed, understanding, and knowledgeable candidate as the WEA ESP At Large Director.  The incumbent should understand and be committed to the vision, mission, and core values of ESPs.  I will be committed to the ESP vision of providing a great public school for every student.  My mission will be to advocate for education support professionals and to unite our members - statewide and beyond to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.  I will be guided by principles that reflect our work and define our mission of:

Equal Opportunity - believing public education is the gateway to opportunity and that all students have the human and civil right to a quality public education that develops their potential, independence, and character.

A Just Society - believing public education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society.

Democracy - believing public education is the cornerstone of our republic and that public education provides individuals with the skills to be involved, informed, and engaged in our representative democracy.

Professionalism - believing that the expertise and judgment of education professionals are critical to student success and that we maintain the highest professional standards, and we expect the status, compensation, and respect due all professionals.

Partnership - believing partnerships with parents, families, communities, and other stakeholders are essential to quality public education and student success.

Collective Action - believing individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good and as education professionals, we improve both our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively.

As the elected WEA ESP At Large Director, I will work to focus on helping to implement methods and strategies that could improve student success, help educators become more accomplished in their profession (as ESPs), help to empower educators to create solutions that work for their students, help to advance social and economic justice for students and their families, while engaging families and communities.

My goal as a leader and educator is to develop relevant experiences and supports to help ESPs to cultivate their personal competencies; and, activate themselves to be leaders in their profession and beyond.

I have always aspired to ensure that there is not only equity in our ESP professions, but also in the educational resources provided to our students and families.  I would work to ensure that ESPs have systems in place to ensure that every child has an equal chance for success through ESP guidance, that come by way of encouraging training that could minimize the challenges and barriers faced by students or by populations of students that need ESP support to help them overcome those barriers.

I pride myself in being fair and equitable and as the WEA ESP Director At Large, I would work to understand individual needs and ensure those needs are met.

Antoinette Felder – Seattle EA –

WEA ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board Candidate

Antoinette Felder for ESP At LargeAs a NEA @ ESP Large Board member and serving on the WEA ACT committee, I will be an advocate to bring current knowledge and issues that will empower and promote not just ESP's but all members to Washington state.


Tami Archilla, Spokane EA –

WEA ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board Candidate

  Archilla, Tami 2

Julie Wickersham - Clarkston Classified –

WEA ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board Candidate

Julie Wickersham for ESP At LargeMy name is Julie Wickersham

I am a Paraeducator. I have been lucky in my career because I have held several job titles, I believe change helps you grow as an educator and as a person.

As a union member I have been the president and vice president in my local, living wage lead at the bargaining table.

I was honored to be WEA ESP of the Year.

I also served two years as NEA Board Director ESP At-Large.

Currently I am the Action Coordinating Team ESP representing and supporting Eastern Washington through our council WEA Southeast and

I am WEA ESP At-Large Board Director.

As the future unfolds, the end to this Pandemic crisis is unknown, however what I do know is we have members to support and many strategic decisions to be made. We must continue moving forward in racial and social justice to strengthen our union. Bringing equity in to our schools across the state in large or small, rural or urban communities. There is work to be done and  I would be honored to have your vote to continue working for you.

Vote for Julie Wickersham

WEA ESP At-Large Director

Pamella (Pam) Johnson – Rochester ESP –

WEA ESP At-Large Director to the WEA Board Candidate

Pamella Johnson for ESP At LargeIt is an important time to ensure that the vision for WEA organization involves continued growth, input of its members, education on good governance, support of the union and goals that align with equity and diversity in education.  I have spent a lot of my time as a building representative (as well as a state trainer for both the Implicit Bias and Paraeducator Cadres through WEA) listening to many voices and learning about the relationship of WEA organization with its members.  The first thing I confirmed is that our union is one that is passionate about its members and the students that we support.  I embrace that passion.  I pay attention.  I recognize what WEA has to offer.

I do not have all the answers to the complexities of growing WEA with equity and diversity in the forefront- but I am passionate about working together to find answers and solutions to move WEA forward towards equity and diversity.  I know that time moves fast but progress takes time.  I also recognize that there is an individual balance in wanting to do all but only having the ability to do what one can at any given moment.  I want to continue moving our union, WEA, in a direction that has equity and diversity in the forefront while keeping strategic planning and good governance in mind.  I believe that can be accomplished. I believe that I, Pamella Johnson, can be a part of this accomplishment in the role as WEA ESP at Large Board of Director.  I want to continue to listen to all members especially the ESPs and if elected, I know that I can be the strong voice for the WEA in this position.

I am asking for your vote to elect me as Board of Director- WEA ESP at Large. Let me continue the work that positions WEA in all areas but most importantly in equity and diversity.

In Solidarity-

Pamella (Pam) Johnson