Want to run for WEA or NEA office in 2020?

Beginning in January 2020, WEA will be accepting nominations for a number of WEA and NEA positions that influence the direction of our state and national associations. Now is the time to consider if you would like to run for one of these positions. Position descriptions are below the chart on this page.

Nominations are now open for these positions.  Please CLICK HERE to submit your online nomination form.

The chart below indicates how many positions are available in each WEA UniServ Council. Official numbers were received from the NEA on January 16, 2020. Updated numbers based on official membership data from NEA is indicated below.

WE Official Notice of Elections Jan 2020 Update_Page_2

Here's a brief description of each position, the elections schedule and deadlines. Please click on each heading for additional information.

UniServ Council Director to the WEA Board

The number of directors varies by the size of the UniServ Council. Attends 8 board of directors meetings during the year in Federal Way to decide WEA policies, adopt the annual budget and provide organizational direction. Term of office is 2 years. WEA pays for travel, meals and accommodations.

NEA State Delegate to NEA RA

The number of delegates varies by the size of the UniServ Council. This position requires attending the NEA Annual Representative Assembly on behalf of fellow WEA members in 2020 and 2021. WEA pays for travel, meals and accommodations.

NEA State Director

One position available. Represents WEA on the NEA Board of Directors. Serves as 1 of 5 from Washington state to decide NEA policies, adopt the budget and provide direction regarding national education and labor-related issues. Attends 7 board of directors meetings at NEA in Washington, D.C. each year. Lobbies Washington's Congressional delegation on federal policies that influence public education and labor. Term of office is 3 years.

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