2021 Candidates for WEA Office

Larry Delaney picture

Larry Delaney, WEA President

In 2021 and beyond, we must continue to take steps toward creating a more inclusive union for all educators.  Whether we are certificated or classified members, BIPOC or white, from the east side or the west side, from small or large locals, we must all feel that our diverse voices are valued and matter. 

I am certain that there is not one among us whose emotions have not run the gamut over the past several months. But through it all, we held it together, adapted, and continued to serve our students, families, and communities.  It’s what we do.

Although this year has been filled with frustration, disappointment, and challenge, we have been able to accomplish some great work together.  Some of what I am most proud of is:

  • Our work on racial justice, social justice, and equity, and the creation of the WEA Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Center. 
  • Elevating the voices of our early career educators.
  • Empowering our ESPs.
  • Increased communication and transparency.
  • Recognizing and dismantling the gatekeeping that exists within our union.
  • The improved relationship with the Washington State Labor Council
  • My working partnership with WEA VP, Janie White

It would be my honor to continuing to serve you as WEA President.  Through our shared experience we have persevered and will continue to move forward as one union.  Our struggles will make us stronger and I am certain that our best days lie ahead.

Janie White picture

Janie White, WEA Vice President

My name is Janie White, and I am your proud WEA Vice-President! Along with my co-conspirator, President Larry Delaney, we have worked to promote Equity, Inclusivity, Collaboration and Transparency in all facets of our WEA Family.  Over the last year, our communities have faced one of the biggest challenges in WEA history, COVID. Being at the helm of WEA has been challenging, and rewarding. Collectively, we have fought for the safety and well-being of our members and the multiple communities we touch. There is still so much more to be done!  That is why I am running for re-election!   When I first ran, I wanted more segments of our union to have a voice at the table, and during my term, I helped create a bigger table! I've served as a voice for WEA on the Washington State Labor Council and our labor family has never been stronger. There isn't a member category that isn't represented throughout WEA. I am a proud ESP, the first Black woman to serve as WEA Vice President, an unapologetic advocate for all members, and believer that WE have the power to ensure that every child gets an education free from bias and other systems of oppression. As Vice President, I will continue to be my authentic self, to listen and to speak out for all WEA members from our Aspiring educators, ESP's, Pre-K-12, Higher-Ed to our WEA retired!  Together let’s put the “WE” back in WEA! Vote for Janie White, WEA Vice President!

Charlotte Lartey picture

Charlotte Lartey, NEA State Director

I am a proud Black lesbian. I'm a CTE Health Science teacher at Washougal High in Southwest Washington. I am someone who will speak out against racial and social injustice and I have a fighting spirit when it comes to uprooting white supremacy culture from its foundation in our educational systems. Explicit equity work is hard, and as the educational system works against us, the struggle is unrelenting for students and staff alike. As we serve in the educational system, I believe we have to do our due diligence to fight for justice within this system both for ourselves, and for our communities. I have been inspired and empowered by our state union leadership by the many ways they have advocated, supported, and demanded justice for me. I believe I have been gearing up for this fight for a long time and I am grateful for this opportunity to pay it forward and serve WEA as an NEA Director. I find my fuel by empowering the future generation, I truly believe that hope can always be found in our youth, and ultimately, this work is for them.

Through WEA, I was elected to serve on the Riverside Equity Committee, I am Co-Chair of the Riverside Political Action Committee (PAC), and I serve on the Early Career Educators Committee (ECE). I was born and raised in Provo, Utah and I currently live in Vancouver, WA with my three dogs.

Miguel Saldana picture

Miguel Saldana, NEA State Director

Hermanos y Hermanas,

My name is Miguel A Saldana and I am running for NEA State Director.

I was born and raised in a small town in Jalisco, Mexico.  I am someone who defied being conditioned to stay and work in agricultural occupations. I came to this country as an undocumented immigrant not knowing how to speak English. 

With the support of educators, I learned the language and became the first one in my family to graduate from high school and college, and to join a union.

Four years ago, I ran and was elected, becoming the first Latino NEA State Director in Washington State, and the only one representing the Eastside.

As NEA State Director, I served in State and National committees, started the WEA Hispanic Caucus, and was the co-chair of the first Eastside Educators of Color Conference.

I lobbied for fully-funding public education, the Children Health Insurance Program, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and against the privatization of education, charter schools, and voucher schools.

In addition, the Congressman from my district, Dan Newhouse, was one of the seven Republicans who publicly supports DACA students and voted for the American Dream and Promise Act.

I believe in eradicating Institutional Barriers and Systems of Oppression, promoting Social Justice, and recognizing Equity, Inclusion, and Gender Equality as the base of our democracy.

I am a proud product of public education, Washingtonian, and a US Citizen who wants to continue advocating for students and representing the voice of passionate educators.