WEA leadership team

WEA president and vice president are elected every two years by delegates to the WEA Representative Assembly.

President: Larry Delaney

Larry Delaney WEA PresidentLarry Delaney has been a high school math teacher in the Lakewood School District in Snohomish County for 27 years. He came to education by way of a teacher, who advised him that though he’d be a good engineer – Larry always liked math and physics – his personality would also make him a great teacher.  “She told me that roads and bridges are good, but there are lots of other ways to serve. I’ve tried to have that same talk with a few kids I think have what it takes to become an educator.”

Before being elected as the WEA President, Delaney was the Council President in Fourth Corner and local president in Lakewood, where he started as a member of the bargaining team and later became a building rep. Delaney loves bargaining, and it opened his eyes about the value of the union.

“Although I will miss interacting with students on a daily basis, the opportunity to positively impact over a million students and 98,000 members as WEA president is inspiring.”

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Vice President: Janie White

Janie White WEA Vice PresidentJanie White is the first Education Support Professional, and first black woman to be elected to one of WEA’s statewide positions. Before her election, she served as the office manager of Nelsen Middle School in Renton. She was the Renton ESP president after serving as a building rep and bargaining team member.

White has been active on WEA’s ESP Action Coordinating Team (ACT) which advocates for ESPs and offers training and conferences specifically for ESPs. She is a graduate of the NEA ESP Leaders of Tomorrow program, and active in the Rainier Educators of Color Network. She was WEA’s ESP of the Year in 2017.

“The only way you can make a difference is you. I have spent my whole time in the union telling people to get involved. That’s why I ran for vice president.”

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Leadership - Armand TiberioExecutive Director: Armand Tiberio

WEA Executive Director Armand Tiberio joined WEA -- once again -- in April 2014. Previously, Tiberio was executive director of North Dakota United and the former executive director of the WEA.
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WEA Management Team

  • Director of Advocacy and Organizing — Center for Education Quality — Mary Howes
  • Advocacy and Organizing Manager — Center for Education Quality — Naché Duncan
  • Advocacy and Organizing Manager — Center for Education Quality — Rich Wood
  • Director of Communications  Linda Mullen 
  • Director of Professional Practice — Center for Education Quality  Lisa Kodama 
  • Director of Government Relations Djibril Diop
  • Chief Financial Officer  Donna Wesley
  • Director of Human Resources, Facilities and Information Technology Manny Bosser
  • General Counsel Aimee Iverson