Letters to the Children's Fund

Dear Children's Fund,

I wanted to share with you the joy brought to our student when he received his bag of new things made possible through the Children's Fund. My husband and I went to their home  to deliver the clothes, boots and a box of food which we had purchased for them. The final thing I put on their table were the two pairs of boots and I made the comment that these boots will surely be needed this week (since it has been raining hard everyday.) He looked and only saw his sister's (obviously girl) boots and sadly asked, "What about me?"  I said, oh, yours are here and lifted hers so he could see the pair I purchased for him. He squealed in delighted grabbed them up in a huge hug, grinning from ear to ear and cried out over and over, "I got ARMY boots....I got ARMY boots....."  as he danced around the room.....now try standing there, watching that without crying!!!

The work you do makes these moments possible for kids who would otherwise have very, very little and we thank you so very much. They could not have appreciated the help given their family any more than they did.

Thank you again from all of Lockwood Elementary,

Candy Elmer

Dear Childrens Fund,

I want to tell you of the joy I had today in school. Recently, I requested $100 from the WEA Childrens Fund for clothes and shoes for a 7th grade girl who had become homeless. She was unable to participate in my P.E. class because of a skirt found at the shelter that was too short and shoes that were too small. She was very candid with me regarding her familys plight and apologized for not being able to participate like she regularly does.

I received authorization from you in 18 hrs. The clothes were purchased yesterday and I am faxing the receipts today.

As I was walking through the cafeteria today, she called my name and came over to me and showed me her new shoes. I was quit impressed, and then she showed me the new sweatshirt, pants, and top that she got. The smile on her face lit up the whole cafeteria and gave me a glow that lasted all day. She then came to P.E. the next period and performed on the climbing wall like Spider Man.

Your program made one 13 year old girl in an awful situation very happy. It also made a 34 year veteran teacher almost cry in the lunch line. You are doing a wonderful job and I thank you so much.

I made it clear to her that the money did not come from my pocket, but from the many teachers from all over Washington who contribute to the Childrens Fund.


Ken Gray, Fitness and Health Education
LaVentureMiddle School

The following is to express my gratitude for allowing me to bring happiness as well as meet some basic needs for a couple of my students. The jackets and winter boots that the two students received through the WEA Children's Fund are very beneficial to the students and the students were very grateful. I am so glad that the WEA offers this fund. I appreciate your time and effort in this program. It is through programs like this that we can show students and the community the true meaning of teaching and caring. This act has also brought those two students and myself much closer, as one student put it "you're my best friend," which left me speechless. ... Once again I thank you and the students thank you.

Ernesto Araiza, Teacher
Wapato School District

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the WEA Children's Fund for providing warm clothes to the children at Concord Elementary. In particular, when I called you concerning (two students), you were more than happy to quickly address the urgent needs of these children. The parents were delighted and grateful for your assistance. Due to the support given by WEA the parents have agreed to join our parenting program. The work of you and your organization helped me to reach out to this family and make them feel like an important and cared for member of our Concord community. Once again WEA builds bridges and brings hope to unprivileged children and their families.

Diane Weibling, Family Support Worker
Concord Elementary School, Seattle School District

I had heard about WEA Children's Fund program to provide needy children with winter coats, but I had never used the offer because I knew I would have to use my own money and then be reimbursed who knows when. But, I had a student who needed a coat immediately, so I decided to try out the WEA program. I called and spoke with Janie Moxley. Not only did she say I could get a coat, but she also let me pick up socks and other necessities for this child. My only problem now is that my student never wants to take off her coat! She loves it and her family is most appreciative. To cap this story off -- I faxed my receipt to Janie and was reimbursed immediately! Ah! This is a system that works for me!

I'd like to share one more story. A mother called me on a Thursday afternoon saying that her two boys needed coats and she had no money to buy them. I called Janie on Friday, and she gave me the OK. So on Monday morning, as I was preparing to take the kids to buy their coats, their mother came in to find out when I would be able to get the coats. She was thrilled to hear I was on my way and went with me to help pick the coats.

I have only used your services twice, but it has made a big difference in the lives of three children at my school. Thank you so much for caring and responding so quickly!

Diane Weibling, Family Support Worker
Concord Elementary School, Seattle School District

My name is Johnnie J. I am a foster mom. I have been for the last 18 months with a total of twelve children in my care. Because of wonderful people like you and the Children's Fund, you have made this great challenge I have been blessed with a lot easier. Brian was so happy when he put on his new clothes. I am sending you a picture of Brian and my other three children. Thank you so much for being there for the children. God Bless you.

Johnnie J.

I am a single parent of five loving children. One of my daughters attends Concord Elementary School. She had been very unhappy about not having very many clothes to wear to school. Which was hurting me also. I am struggling to support my children, and their needs. I also pay child support for my 6-year-old son when I can. I am also struggling to find work. The help that you have provided is very much appreciated. There should be more caring and understanding people such as yourself. Again thank you so much for your concern and help. Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thank you again,
Kristi P.

I wanted to thank you and the Children's Fund on behalf of Amanda for the jacket. She was very excited about it and I haven't seen her since she got it when she didn't have it on. We really appreciate it. Down the road when kids are out of college, I will plan to contribute to the "fund".
Thanks so much.

Gidget Voss
Centralia Middle School

Recently, a teacher told me about another student who was also wearing too-small clothing and for whom we were able to get clothes form WEA. This student was trying his best to be invisible at school. After he got the new clothes which fit properly, he started participating in class and raising his hand to answer questions. His grades improved too. Isn't that great? I hope it does as much for these two students.

Have a great holiday season. You sure make my job easier all year. It could be a frustrating venture without you. Thank you so much.

Mary-Jane Wyeth
Stanwood School District

Thank you so much for providing the boots for all of our little ones this year. We at Windsor are so grateful for the Children's Fund! I know the children are too, even though they don't always let us know in a formal way. The smiles and the hugs, and the Thank you's that I get are the real signs! Thanks again!!

Mary Evans, Counselor
Windsor Elementary
Spokane School District

I'm so very grateful for the help you've given to me and my children. I'm a single mother of three and I was struggling with school clothes. You made my children's school year a happy one. I just wanted to give you my deepest thanks.

God Bless,
A Grateful Mom

I wanted to thank you for helping me to put a smile on Alberta's face. I wish that you could have seen the twinkle in her eyes when she opened all seven boxes of clothes.
Thank you so much. God bless you!

Yours Truly,

Thank you for your help with this student. His is a most sad case, with poverty and broken home added to a father who is barely making it through a day-by-day alcoholic haze. And he's the major caregiver. I am including a photocopy of this boy's thank-you note. He mentions that we spent money on his brothers and sisters, which we did. We tried to help all the kids.

Mark Wiesen
Ellensburg School District

We at Longfellow Elementary School really appreciate all your efforts on behalf of the two children who you provided coats and shoes for. The children were extremely delighted and "all smiles" when presented with this surprise. The parent also expressed her sincere appreciation for this assistance. It is refreshing to know that there are agencies such as yours that are willing to assist children in their time of need.
Again, many thanks.

Jo Carr Wendt, District Counselor
Spokane School District

We really appreciate your support recently in providing backpacks for a couple of kids. Backpacks are pretty much standard and necessary equipment. We're glad that these students will now be better prepared to tackle their school day. Thanks for your help.

Diane Allen
Leaf Schumann
Blaine School District

Who does the Children's Fund help?

These real-life examples show how you can make a difference in children's lives

Two children attending Vale Elementary in Cashmere were walking to school without adequate winter clothing. Both of their parents work as fruit packers making only minimum wage. The children came into class wet and cold each morning. Thanks to the Children's Fund, they now have warm clothes that fit.

A third-grade student from John Hay Elementary in Seattle was coming to school in his mother's coat, which was much too large, because he had outgrown his own coat. A single mom on a very low income could not purchase a coat for her son, nor could she replace her coat. The Children's Fund stepped in.

An 18-year-old in the Spokane Skills Center had been typed as a "throwaway," although his teacher says he is one of the fastest, smartest students to have attended the Machine Technology class. Although it was winter in Spokane, the student wore a ragged white T-shirt with holes, a pair of cutoffs and tennis shoes with no socks. The Children's Fund provided much more suitable new clothing.

A foster mother caring for 12 children over a period of 18 months was unable to provide clothes for all the kids in her care. A photograph of the children who have been helped by the WEA Children's Fund accompanied her gracious thank-you note.

"Thank you for the hikers," wrote Travis. "They will keep my feet from getting wet."

We've already heard many, many more student stories like these. And with your generous support, we can help spark even more ...

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