Grow your impact!

As educators in the first seven years of our careers, we have so much to learn, but also so much to give. Being members of the Washington Education Association is our way to grow that impact. Being engaged in our association, provides us with resources, professional growth opportunities, financial support, and, most importantly, a community and a collective voice which directly impacts our students and our profession. 

Our priorities and goals - 

What we care about:

  • Social justice
  • The craft of teaching
  • Improving the lives of our students

What we want:

  • Authentic relationships built on regular, in-person contact
  • Confidence that we are supported by our union  
  • A voice inside and outside of the classroom
  • For us by us!

    This past summer, the WEA Early Career Educator Committee presented "Collectivist Action through COVID-19 and a 2020 Revolution: A Pacific Northwest Point of View." These 14 Early Career, BIPOC, Women and Non-Binary Educators created this mini-series for us, by us.

    Watch the series

  • Resources & Professional Growth

    Educators in the first several years of our career not only need support in navigating our new schools and classrooms, but also in creating community with our colleagues and focusing on our own self-career. Here is a list of resources and professional growth opportunities curated by fellow early career eduators. 

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  • ECE Committee

    Meet your Early Career Educator committee members. These are the individuals working for you at WEA. They prioritize your wants and needs as educators just starting out in your careers. 

    Meet the committee

  • Understanding WEA

    As new educators and members of the Washington Education Association, you may not be aware of the structure and processes. Find out about your association, how it is governed, locals and councils, and your leadership team. 

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  • Student WEA

    The Student Washington Education Association (SWEA) and the Aspiring Educator of the National Education Association (AspiringEd) are the combined programs for student pre-service educators of the largest union in the United States, the NEA/WEA. This membership gives students the benefit of strength in numbers and a connection with other educators who believe in the promise of public education. Together, we stand strong for our students and for our profession. 

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