Diversity and inclusion resources for schools and educators

Every student in Washington deserves a safe and welcoming environment in order to learn. Many educators have reported a recent uptick in hate speech or even violence at school or in their communities. 

Now more than ever, educators need strategies and tools to counter these harmful attacks and to ensure that every student feels safe at school. 

The resources below are meant to provide educators with information on how to teach about the differences we face in our classrooms and buildings every day. Whether about race, religion, language, immigration status, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, or disability, or a combination of these, we know that our students deserve to be honored and respected for who they are. 

In compiling this information, we don’t claim to have identified every resource out there, but to provide a starting point for educators who are looking for help to better understand and teach about our world.  We can’t post everything, but if you have used a great resource in your classroom that you’d like to share, contact us at wea@washingtonea.org.