Gathering educators from across the country (virtually)

WEA delegates at NEA RA 2019

WEA's delegation posed for a group shot at the 2019 NEA RA. Check back here in the future for details about next year's NEA RA.

Washington EA NEA RA delegates,

2021 NEA RA is almost here! What an exciting virtual event to be part of. Delegates to this year’s meeting will use a virtual platform that will allow for debate, voting on business items, and all other RA business. If you are a registered delegate you should have received an email from NEA, inviting you to register for 2021 NEA RA and other meetings/events. You must register to have access to the 2021 NEA RA meetings and events.

2021 NEA RA WEA Delegates will be electing 3 current delegates to the NEA Resolutions Committee for 2 year terms. 

Nominations will be opened at our caucus meeting on June 30, 2021. Candidates will have an opportunity to make brief remarks prior to the election on July 2, 2021.

Please visit the 2021 NEA RA website for a full agenda of

meetings and events, see who's running for office and much more!

Dates and reminders:

Donate to the Fight for Students - NEA FCPE

  • You will be receiving an email from Michael Lewis, NEA FCPE PAC chair, about the virtual NEA FCPE fundraising auction.   

If you did not receive an email from NEA RA Support, please first search your inbox for msg. from RA Support. Then contact for any further assistance needed.

Please contact with any 2021 NEA RA access questions. Or visit the delegate resources page for NEA RA event info.

Are you a WEA/NEA member but not a delegate? You can register to attend! Please visit for you reNgistration. If you are an NEA member you will be sent information on how to attend. If you are not yet an NEA member you will be given an email address to contact for assistance.

Future dates and locations for the NEA Representative Assembly
  • 2022 – July 1-6 – Dallas, TX
  • 2023 – July 1-6 – Orlando, FL
  • 2024 – July 2-7 – Philadelphia, PA