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Pam Kikillus recognized for clinical excellence

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Green River College physical therapist Pam Kikillus has received the top award for clinical excellence from PTWA, the Physical Therapy Association of Washington.

“It’s always nice to be told you are doing a good job, and that you’re appreciated!” Kikillus smiles. “A lot of people didn’t get the award that should have gotten the award. So I’m honored — but I’m only good because I work with good people. It really comes down to that. You can’t be an island in this world and do well.”

The award highlights Kikillus’ power resume and busy schedule. Her full-time job, a tenured faculty at Green River in Auburn, is teaching clinical courses as program director for the Physical Therapist Assistant program. She works as an adjunct instructor at University of Puget Sound. She sees patients in her private practice in the community. She holds a doctorate, and volunteers on a committee for the national examination that physical therapy graduates take to become licensed. She works on another committee for physical therapists who want to certify as specialists in orthopedics. And she works with another organization that does continuing education for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, so she teaches weekend classes as well.

“The field of physical therapy is constantly changing. What I do now and what I say now is different than it was a year ago,” Kikillus says. “It’s definitely different than it was 10 years ago. So I like staying current, being on the cutting-edge of what’s happening, and then conveying that to the next generation of practitioners.”

She loves the impacts that spring from her multiple roles — helping students find the excitement in their chosen profession, helping professionals hone their expertise in neuro-muscular health, helping patients heal, and helping patients’ families through the rehabilitation process.

“It’s pretty cool!” the WEA/Green River United Faculty member beams. “I work with good people that make me better. And I’m constantly learning new stuff, new ideas, whether it be teaching new ideas about how to convey concepts, convey excitement, new techniques to treat patients. There’s always more to learn!”

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